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Hengda scored second times in three domestic league Luneng Shide double record tying sina sports scores to celebrate the goal of Hengda 3-3 with Suning, after winning the FA Cup champion in with away goals advantage, Guangzhou Hengda has once again swept the three champions in domestic competitions. A season in the cup is very common for many times hengda. 2012 season, Hengda won the Super Cup, the league and the FA Cup champion. In 2013, Hengda AFC Champions League ahead for the first time, and become a super double AFC Champions League. In 2015, Hengda took AFC Champions League, and again won the AFC Champions League and super double honor. At the beginning of the 2016 season, Hengda win Suning get super cup, after the AFC Champions League although the group phase out, but they hold the two tournament opportunity, won the Super Six Championships at the same time, also once again won the FA Cup, once again won the three crown. In addition to the second win three trophies, Hengda also tied the Luneng Shide and in the same year, the number of "League + FA Cup champion. Shandong Luneng won the A League and FA Cup champion in 1999, become history’s first double. In 2006, at the peak of the Shandong Luneng once again, no suspense of the double crown. The Dalian team in 2001 and in 2005 won the double crown. So far, Guangzhou Hengda from 2011 to enter the Super League had a total of 6 seasons, in the 6 years of the league, they did not let a Champions to slip, and there are a number of trophies recorded in the 4 season, I do not know whether one day, Guangzhou Hengda able to complete the super cup, super, AFC Champions League and FA four cup winners. (AMY)相关的主题文章: