Henan to rectify network ordering platform; online selling food holding permits according to L yuanmu

Henan to rectify   network ordering platform; online selling food holding permits according to Liang – Henan branch network — people.com.cn original title: online selling food holding permits according to Liang Wang Weibin in September 29th, the province’s Provincial Government Information Office held a press conference on food production license. Provincial Food and drug administration official on the new "food production license review general" and "Henan province network ordering food safety supervision and management measures (Trial)" policy interpretation of the two food safety management regulations will be formally implemented in October 1st. Food production license is more convenient according to the provincial food and drug administration, the relevant person in charge, the new food production license review by the State Food and Drug Administration revised. The adjustment of the general rules is mainly embodied in the three changes of the "two links and one simple", and brings convenience to the food producers. "Two links" that is to achieve the general principles of the general, the realization of licensing and supervision of China unicom. Food (including health food, special medicine formula food, infant formula food), food additives general a "general", for the same enterprise production of different types of food, unified review of basic requirements. In addition, the "general" to strengthen the cohesion and the production license of daily supervision, on-site inspection found problems rectification by the enterprises in obtaining permits within one month after the completion of three months of supervision and inspection, not only shorten the processing time, but also make the licensing and regulatory activities closely linked. A simple that simplifies the conditions, requirements and content of the license review. First, simplify the continuation, change to submit materials and review requirements, business continuity and change matters only to conduct on-site inspections of changes; secondly, to simplify the qualified report on the trial product inspection requirements, enterprises may entrust a qualified inspection agencies inspection, can also be self inspection; again, simplified foreign warehouse the verification requirements, can be checked by providing image information; finally, to simplify the licensing documents, the application materials and documents review was simplified, convenient licensing. There are rules to follow with the network ordering business booming network ordering supervision problems, operations are not standardized, followed by food safety kept hidden. To better safeguard the public food safety, food and drug administration, the Provincial Communications Administration formulated the "measures of food safety supervision and management in Henan province network ordering (Trial)". In the upcoming implementation of the "measures" on the occasion, my province network ordering related service providers should pay attention to what changes? "Standardization is reflected in the catering service provider business card holder, bright line, ordering platform for the record management." Provincial Food and drug administration official said. The "measures" requirements, into the catering service provider shall obtain food business license; the transaction through the third party platform catering service providers, should be in the business activities of the home page prominently publicized its food business license or registration certificate; through the web transaction catering service provider shall prominently on its website publicity business license food, business license or registration certificate. "Approach" provides that through the establishment of self catering services transactions, should be approved by the competent communications department of the 30 workers相关的主题文章: