Henan dagongmei earning 3000 yuan open free breakfast shop in Guangdong (map) zuczug

Henan dagongmei earning 3000 yuan open free breakfast shop in Guangdong (Figure) love porridge soft waxy waxy corn porridge, hot spicy pickled Steamed Buns large, fragrant dishes, what to eat for free? The pumpkin congee shop with his meager income, with his old men, with his life of hardship, he displaced by…… That is a love porridge store in Dongguan Changping Town, here only for breakfast, meals do not sell only to send, sanitation workers, families, the elderly, homeless and cash strapped workers…… The door will be able to eat, do not spend a penny. 30 year old Henan shop owner Hu Fangfang said, porridge shop was originally she and her mother, and her sister, a brother of the preparation of the, was opened yesterday for third days, there have been more than and 170 people enjoy delicious. Three days more than and 170 people have free breakfast yesterday at 6:30 in the morning, the sun warm and bright, Changping Town Commercial Street shop No. 134 store, "free love porridge" red signs particularly conspicuous. The shop is a row of new furniture, new brush walls gleaming, opened third days, even more busy. Hu stood 1.5 barrels fongfong high, with a spoon porridge, a bowl full of stainless steel. Today’s breakfast is pumpkin gruel, 4 material pot, boil 2.5 hours just soft, thick smell of Mi Xiang. "Come, fresh from the Steamed Buns!" Someone shouted a voice, then several people holding a hot Steamed Buns. 10 minutes later, the sanitation workers in succession, they adjusted work clothing, with a white face came. "Big sister, here is water."!" Volunteers from Changping volunteers association. A basin, soap store, sanitation workers hand washing before everyone was seated, a bowl of porridge, a dish of pickled vegetables, Steamed Buns. "Please take your time!" Volunteers smile together. One hour later, barrels near bottom, Steamed Buns was to "destroy" the 80, a total of 58 people dining, most of the sanitation workers, but also the oldest old man. Hu Fangfang said the shop three days, there are already more than and 170 people enjoy a free breakfast. Every day the public expenditure details of Hu Fangfang is not very rich people, she is just a monthly income of 3000 yuan, workers in Changping for 4 years. "We have this free breakfast in Henan. In June this year, I, my mother and two sisters, a brother-in-law began preparations." Hu Fangfang said, they in the commercial street of Changping to find a store plate down, buy decoration materials, my sister and her husband paid several million. Her mother as "Chef", at 4 every morning get up more than porridge, to ensure that everyone eat fresh porridge. They also specifically bought a pot of porridge to boil, a 200 component. Opened three days, spent more than $400 per day, thanks to help." Hu Fangfang is very grateful. According to Hu Fangfang’s idea, sanitation workers, needy households, disabled people, the elderly, tramps are service objects. In particular, sanitation workers, they get up early, but because of meager income, many people do not eat breakfast, I hope to help them." Hu Fangfang remember, porridge shop opened the first day, an old lady came to eat breakfast, nothing said. On the second day, she came again.相关的主题文章: