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Heilongjiang accused of personnel monitoring haze culprit said the lack of network – based on the new Beijing News (reporter Wang Shuo) recently, North China, East China large-scale haze. The environmental protection department after consultation with experts believe that the "culprit" in Heilongjiang. However, for this conclusion, Liu Yuanhai, deputy director of the Heilongjiang environmental monitoring center. Yesterday, he said in an interview with the media, the conclusion hasty, lack of evidence. Heilongjiang is a heavy pollution "culprit" in November 2nd to 6 in large range, northeast, North and east of a wide range of heavy pollution. 10 cities in Northeast China burst table, Harbin, Daqing, Anshan and other places PM2.5 hours peak concentration of breaking thousands". Ministry of Environmental Protection said that the extent of the pollution, the impact of a wide range of years less. In November 6th, after consultation with the Ministry of environmental protection that the large-scale pollution process started in November 3-4, Heilongjiang area Harbin, Suihua and Daqing, mainly due to the local winter heating coal and biomass burning emissions, is the main cause of regional large-scale heavy pollution "". The Ministry of environmental protection experts said that this round of heavy pollution weather started in Harbin, 5 in the afternoon by the Northeast airstream, polluted air masses to south southwest direction of continuous transmission, spread to 6 provinces more than and 30 city, more than 1 thousand and 600 kilometers across. In this regard, Liu Yuanhai science and technology daily interview, said, this conclusion is too hasty, the lack of scientific basis." Responded that the polluted air masses cannot transfer 1600 kilometers of the Ministry of environmental protection Environmental Satellite Application Center monitoring data show that during the period from October 31st to November 6th, the environmental satellite monitoring to straw burning fire point 756, of which 580 fire points in Heilongjiang province ranked first. This can only explain the straw burning is one of the causes of pollution in Heilongjiang, but the judge said the group of more than 1 thousand and 600 kilometers of fog and haze lack of the necessary scientific basis." Liu Yuanhai said to the media, the transmission process and not a closed pipeline, but continues to spread in all weather conditions, at the same time along the superposition of polluted air masses, without the scientific monitoring and analysis, should not judge pollution from Heilongjiang. Liu Yuanhai said, in fact the biomass combustion air pollution will not result in long distance transmission. We conducted a scientific model simulation, the result is not the past transmission sources. In view of large area continuous sources can transmit over 1000 km of National City Environmental Pollution Control Research Center researcher Peng Yingdeng said that the transfer process of dilution to diffuse sources, so a continuous non polluted air masses to completely transfer to another area, generally not more than 100 kilometers. But a large area of continuous air pollution, the transmission distance may exceed 1000 km. For example, a large area of Hetao area northwest sandstorm caused by continuous dust pollution air mass, the transmission distance is far more than 1000 kilometers to the north, even under the direction of the outside of South Korea and japan. And the length of the transmission distance also depends on whether there is a stable wind field, such as the impact of the long-distance transmission of Heilongjiang, there is a steady flow of wind to the south to ensure. .相关的主题文章: