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Hedge fund confidence index rose 12.59% private concern, there is the story of the shares of sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: hedge fund A shares confidence index rose 12.59% private concern "story" stocks each reporter Yang Jian October China Rongzhi A shares of hedge fund managers confidence index was 113.55, up 12.59% last month, A stock market trend is expected confidence index and the index changes in the position of holding the investment plan there are different degrees of rise. Survey shows that private gallon will rise, but the position adjustment is not obvious. From the research point of view, the private sector is clearly more concerned about the story of stocks. But call position adjustment is not obvious in the U.S. rate hike is expected to heat up the property market continued hot, a series of interference in internal and external environment, the market is looking forward to the "golden nine silver ten" market "Kim Gu" in vain, instead it is the stock index fell below 3000 points after the shock situation. National Day, A shares ushered in a good start". Rongzhi October Chinese hedge fund managers index report, A shares of the fund manager A shares confidence index was 113.55, up 12.59% last month, A shares confidence index continued to rise. Private placement network survey data show that up to 44% of the private equity market outlook bullish attitude. Among them, 12% of the private equity market outlook is extremely optimistic attitude; see the private sector still accounted for the highest proportion of Ping an area, up to 46%; bearish outlook private equity fell significantly last month, only about $10%. Although the private market outlook for October, but the performance is not obvious in the position adjustment, private equity is still generally more cautious. Data show that the planned opening operation in October private equity accounted for 26%; that will continue to maintain a position invariant private still occupy a higher proportion, up to 56%; in October to lighten up operation of private the proportion reached 18%, a larger decline in the previous month. At the same time, to participate in the investigation of private equity positions in the layout also made some adjustment plans to adjust positions to 60%~80% in October, the proportion rose to 20%; plans to maintain the position reached more than 80% private institutions accounted for 18%. Obviously, in the market in October. The emotional support, a lot of private equity in the position layout is also more active. But there is a small part of private equity is still relatively cautious, plans in October to private institutions to adjust positions to 0~20% accounted for 16% of the plan in October; private institutions adjust positions to 30%~50% down to 36%. Tibet gem investment Wang Lin believes that by the middle of November can be cautiously optimistic, now the rally is not over, but prices will not happen overnight, the market in technical repair, is a very good opportunity to play. From a technical point of view, Shanghai refers to the previous platform in the 3060~3085 point range will still form a sell-off on the market, a strong breakthrough trend is still limited, greater probability of repeated shocks. Rapid breakthrough in the market, the key is to see whether the volume can continue, only on相关的主题文章: