Harbin Songhua River police station director Xing Junran holiday overnight case died adobe gamma

Harbin Songhua River police station director Xing Junran holiday life newspaper news September 27th overnight case died in the morning of the 17 day, the night the handling of the Harbin Public Security Bureau Nangang branch of the Songhua River police station Xing Junran suddenly collapsed, after the hospital failed to save him. The 18 day at 10:37, his life will never stop at this moment. Xing Junran is 53 years old, is a 33 year old police from the police. The 16 day is the second day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, he as usual to the police station early succession, at noon, police on duty that he was not good, to ask him, he said nothing. The holidays, you buy dumplings to eat, I feel a bit sick, to lie down for a while." A busy afternoon after dinner, when he and the police then go for a rest. Soon, the area of a hotel tenant and owner of drunken dispute, police were on duty back to the police station, after Xing Junran learned to climb up the bed with the police on duty to deal with the case, until 17 in the morning. One night he suddenly fainted at 7:20…… After the rescue day and night, Xing Junran eventually died due to sudden cerebral hemorrhage. In 1983, Xing Junran graduated from Harbin Police school. Since the beginning of 2006 in Songhua River police station director since he has organized and participated in criminal cases cracked 900 cases, arrested on various criminal suspects more than 1100 people, 291 people will be a fugitive, three police successfully promoted to a police station. From the police for 33 years, has won the individual two two times, three. One, has won the Harbin Public Security Bureau awards.

哈市松花江派出所所长邢俊然 假期通宵办案逝世   生活报9月27日讯 17日清晨,彻夜办案的哈市公安局南岗分局松花江派出所所长邢俊然忽然昏倒,送医后仍没能挽留住他。18日10时37分,他的生命永远定格在这一刻。   邢俊然53岁,是一名从警33年的老警察。16日是中秋长假的第二天,他像往常一样早早地来派出所接班,中午时,值班民警发现他脸色不好,向他询问,他却说没事儿。“过节了,你们买点饺子吃,我有点难受,先躺一会儿。”一下午的忙碌后,晚饭时他和民警说完后就去休息了。不久,辖区一旅店内醉酒的房客和老板发生争执,被值班民警带回到派出所,邢俊然得知后从床上爬起来,带着值班民警对案件进行处理,直到17日早上。一夜未眠的他,在7时20分,突然昏了过去……经过一天一夜的抢救,邢俊然最终还是因突发脑出血去世了。   1983年,邢俊然毕业于哈市人民警察学校。自2006年初在松花江派出所任所长以来,他先后组织、参与侦破各类刑事案件900余起,抓获各类违法犯罪嫌疑人1100余名,追捕逃犯291人,将一个三级派出所成功晋升为一级派出所。从警33年来,先后荣立个人二等功两次、三等功一次、多次获得哈市公安局嘉奖。相关的主题文章: