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Harbin astronomical fish tourists parties: the shop sign menu fraud – Sohu news network February 16th Nanjing Modern Express (reporter Liu Guoqing) today at 8:42 in the morning, the modern express reporter call price fish event visitors to Changzhou, Mr. Chen’s mobile phone. After more than one day, Chen’s cell phone can finally get through. In the mobile phone, Mr. Chen declined the requirements of Modern Express reporters face to face interview. He said that since the event, there have been a variety of calls, especially in Heilongjiang, a lot of calls, "a lot of people can not tell what the phone is.". I just can’t stand it, my life is completely disrupted, no way, can only turn off the phone, micro-blog also deleted." In less than 4 minutes of talk time, Mr. Chen simply answered several questions. He told reporters that he had micro-blog content is completely true, the situation is what micro-blog said. The sturgeon fish weight, or 10.4 pounds, the shop is absolutely wrong. As a sign of the shop to produce "Chen" menu, Mr. Chen said, "it is not my signature, this can do handwriting identification!" For the survey published in Harbin, Mr. Chen said he would not make any comment for the time being. "Although their investigation group told me to get in touch with them, they just said contact and didn’t provide contact. And then, I couldn’t answer the phone from Heilongjiang." Mr. Chen said he was willing to cooperate with the investigation team in Harbin. Telephone, Chen said the most is that their lives are disturbed, it is unbearable. He said that he had just opened the machine in the morning and had finished the call with the reporter, and he would shut down immediately.

哈尔滨天价鱼当事游客:店方菜单签字造假-搜狐新闻  现代快报网2月16日南京电(记者 刘国庆)今天早上8点42分,现代快报记者拨打天价鱼事件的常州游客陈先生的手机。在关了一天多时间机后,陈先生的手机终于能打通。   在手机中,陈先生婉拒了现代快报记者当面采访的要求。他说,自从事情发生后,就不断的接到各种电话,特别是黑龙江那边很多电话,“很多都说不清是什么电话。我实在是受不了了,我的生活完全被打乱了,没办法,只能把手机关掉,把微博也删掉。”   在4分钟不到的通话时间里,陈先生简答回答了记者几个问题。他告诉记者,他当初微博上发的内容完全属实,情况就是微博上说的那样。那个鳇鱼的斤两,还是10.4斤,店方绝对是搞错了。   至于店方出示的一个签了“陈”字的菜单,陈先生表示,“那肯定不是我签的字,这个可以做笔迹鉴定!”   对于哈尔滨方面公布的调查结果,陈先生表示他暂时不做任何评论。“虽然他们调查组说让我跟他们联系,但他们只是说联系,没有提供联系方式。然后,对黑龙江那边的电话,我也不敢接。”   陈先生表示,他愿意配合哈尔滨方面调查组的调查。   电话中,陈先生说得最多的是,自己生活被打扰,实在是不堪其扰。他说,他也是早上刚刚开了一下机,和记者通完电话,他会马上关机。相关的主题文章: