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During the festive season next week it will meet the typhoon has entered the rainy typhoon "Meranti" spoiler, said the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, so abruptly by "Meranti" squeeze "shrunk". At present, the National Day holiday approaching, did not expect, and there is a typhoon. The seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" said yesterday, the strongest typhoon intensity level up. At present, "catfish" swim to the very upright, is almost straight towards Southern China, is expected to 27 days ago after landing or grazed in southern Taiwan, near to the coastal areas of Fujian and Guangdong after 28 days before. In the end several typhoons during the festive season, mean? The same year, but the weather always change constantly, play into the second half of September, the Hangzhou has been to the history of many years now has been opened in autumn. This year, however, the temperature does not fall, yesterday Hangzhou highest temperature of 29.8 degrees, and in the Hangzhou range, the highest temperature in most areas exceeded 30 degrees celsius. This weekend and next Monday, Hangzhou sooner or later, it is still cool, the minimum temperature of 21-22 degrees, the highest temperature is maintained at 30-31 deg. Now the weather to blossom favorable, the sun sweet scented osmanthus "steamed" aroma, increasingly rich, the air mixed with the slightest sweetness, Hangzhou is ushered in the "sweet" season of the year. Hangzhou weather is expected today is cloudy, the maximum daytime temperature of 30 degrees, the morning minimum temperature of 21 degrees, the average relative humidity is 70%. From Wednesday onwards, Hangzhou will enter the rainy mode, from the current forecast, 28 days to 30 days in Hangzhou have showers. Typhoon "Meranti" left, "malakas" still pondering, "catfish" again. Really afraid of what you have been worried about the typhoon day, finally reported on the "hukou" — at 8 yesterday morning, the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" generation, in the Pacific Northwest on 17 points, which is located in Taiwan city of Taitung Province East about 2000 kilometers south of the Northwest Pacific ocean. At present, the "catfish" swim to the very upright, is almost straight towards Southern China and. The Central Meteorological Station forecast, "catfish" will be the speed to the north west direction about 20 kilometers per hour to move, the strongest typhoon intensity level up, 27 days ago after landing or grazed in southern Taiwan, near to the coastal areas of Fujian and Guangdong after 28 days before. The central meteorological station said, in addition, the Pacific Northwest will also have 1 ~ 2 typhoon. This means that during the national day of the Northwest Pacific Ocean may still be a typhoon, but the uncertainty is large, what time will not affect the generation, our country still needs further monitoring. The lazy look directly here 26 day (Monday): cloudy, 22 ~ 31 DEG C, Dongfeng 2-3 grade 27 day (Tuesday): cloudy, 23 ~ 29 DEG C, Dongfeng 2-3 grade 28 day (Wednesday): showers, 24 to 28 DEG C, Dongfeng 4-5 grade 29 day (Thursday): 24 ~ showers. 27 C, Dongfeng 3-4 grade 30 day (Friday): showers, 20 to 24 DEG C, north wind 4-5

每逢佳节迎台风 下周三起杭州又要进入多雨模式台风“莫兰蒂”搅局,说好的中秋小长假,就这么硬生生被“莫兰蒂”挤“缩水”了。眼下,国庆长假将至,没想到,又有台风。今年第17号台风“鲇鱼”昨天生成,最强可达强台风级。目前来看,“鲇鱼”的游向非常耿直,几乎是笔直冲着华南而来,预计27日前后登陆或擦过台湾南部,28日前后向闽粤沿海靠近。每逢佳节迎台风,到底几个意思啊?同是一年四季,但天气的剧本总是变化莫测——进入9月下旬,秋分已至,杭州历史上很多年份此时已陆续开启了秋天。然而今年,气温不降反升,昨天杭城最高气温29.8℃,而在杭州范围内,大部分地区最高气温突破30℃。这周末及下周一,杭城早晚依旧凉爽,最低气温21-22℃,最高气温都保持在30-31℃。眼下的天气对桂花开花有利,阳光把桂花“蒸一蒸”,香气愈发浓郁,空气中掺着丝丝甜意,杭城正迎来一年中最“香”的季节。杭州市气象台预计,今天多云,白天最高气温30℃,早晨最低气温21℃,平均相对湿度70%。而从下周三起,杭城又要进入多雨模式了,从目前预报来看,28日至30日杭城都有阵雨。台风“莫兰蒂”刚走,“马勒卡”还在回味,“鲇鱼”又来了。真是怕什么来什么,大家一直担心的国庆台风,终于报上“户口”了——昨天上午8点,今年第17号台风“鲇鱼”在西北太平洋洋面上生成,17点,其位于台湾省台东市东偏南方约2000公里的西北太平洋洋面上。目前看,“鲇鱼”的游向非常耿直,几乎是笔直冲着华南而来。中央气象台预计,“鲇鱼”将以每小时20公里左右的速度向西偏北方向移动,最强可达强台风级,27日前后登陆或擦过台湾南部,28日前后向闽粤沿海靠近。中央气象台称,此外,西北太平洋还将有1~2个台风生成。这就意味着,国庆期间西北太平洋海域仍可能有台风生成,不过目前不确定性还较大,什么时候生成,会不会影响我国,仍需进一步监测。●懒人直接看这里26日(周一):多云,22~31℃,东风2-3级27日(周二):多云转阴,23~29℃,东风2-3级28日(周三):阵雨,24~28℃,东风4-5级29日(周四):阵雨,24~27℃,东风3-4级30日(周五):阵雨,20~24℃,东北风4-5级相关的主题文章: