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Hammer official denied T3 due to a large number of Bug back to the factory, said the real did not find a major Bug JINGWAH times (reporter Gu Xiaoyu) hammer phone again storm. Before the release of its new T3 was passed through a major Bug10 million machines all returned to the factory, yesterday, the reporter learned that the hammer technology has been denied. When the hammer phone T3 officially released, there is no official statement. However, some friends broke the news, said hammer T3 in the test when there is a significant Bug, all 100 thousand machines to return to the factory." If the news is true, which for each new release or listing will make a storm hammer, no less than a disaster. However, for this argument, hammer technology official said, the message is no factual basis, purely subjective speculation, and very exaggerated exaggeration." Hammer technology UX product director Zhu Xiaomu in person micro-blog said the new machine T3 I use every day, really can’t see what major Bug, not to mention the 100 thousand units all returned to the factory, but really hope before the conference early to prepare 100 thousand sets of goods." Due to the feelings of the hammer phone has been famous for lack of topic, each generation of products are not short of twists and turns. T1 listed at the beginning of the capacity crisis, the delay can not supply also led to sales greatly affected; T2 encountered the plight of the closure of the factory. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: