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Institute of Guotai Junan strategy: the core members of all personnel earthquake exposed – Sohu research Guotai Junan Securities personnel earthquake: See also two chief strategy core members of all run away, leaving the storm by Guotai Junan research, clearly and not because the former chief macroeconomic analyst Ren Zeping resigned and stop. Next, is the chief strategist Qiao Yongyuan has submitted his resignation to Guotai junan. According to the multi verification, Joe always the next stop for the industrial research company, will follow the Industrial Bank (601166) chief economist Lu commissar. Star analyst Qiao Yongyuan overwhelmed or leave with pay. It is worth noting that the team had already collapsed Joe forever: the first is to sign at the end of the year, Zhang Xiaoyu moved to yifangda, as macro strategist; the next is the beginning of this year, the core members of Wang Delun leaving to join Societe Generale Securities (601377), to replace Zhang Yidong as chief strategy analyst; in May, another key member of Dai Kang joined Huatai Securities (601688), served as chief strategist. Thus, the original core members of the team are Guotai Junan strategy from Guotai Junan turnover. The Qiao Yongyuan team had the slogan (left: Joe forever; right: Dai Kang) Guotai Junan research the upward trend at once, why is there such a situation? China Securities reporter for you to explore what. Personnel earthquake recently, the renowned Institute of Guotai Junan analyst departure is yiboweiping another. Guotai Junan research Suoqiao forever strategy team had 400 point rebound on a famous battle. At the beginning of 2014, when the Qiao Yongyuan strategy team in the A shares in the doldrums, the proposed 400 point rebound theory, although the market was questioned by the time, however, was eventually verified by the market. Guotai Junan strategy Joe forever past performance team success, in 2015 and 2014 respectively from the thirteenth session of the new strategy of the best analysts wealth first and second best analysts strategy twelfth new wealth name. According to Guotai Junan Securities related sources, in fact, Qiao Yongyuan in July to the Securities Institute submitted his resignation. In general, the leaving process takes about 1 months, at present, does not appear on the process problems, Joe is always leaving That’s final.. With the core team members continue to leave, as early as May of this year with Kang from the Qiao Yongyuan team to leave when the strategy team Guotai Junan research institute once only Joe always a core member. But during this period, Guotai Junan Research Institute also started from other firms poaching strategy analyst. WeChat public number is always the concept of "Joe forever team Guotai Junan strategy report and exchange platform. Brokerage Chinese reporters found that since the second half of this year, the platform released research report has few "signed Joe forever", replaced by Zhang Enhua, Mou Yiling, Wu Yuqing more and Li Meicen signed, has been interpreted as the outgoing signal Joe forever. In addition, investment seminars will 2016 medium-term strategy Guotai Junan held in July 23rd (Shenzhen), but the strategy is no longer Qiao Yongyuan, senior policy analyst Zhang Enhua. ;相关的主题文章: