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Guangdong Chaozhou sacked mayor: no money is robbing the rich not robbing the poor to be beneath the human character – Beijing, Guangzhou daily news (reporter Tang Nan correspondent Xu Wenbin) last year, the Chaozhou Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection to investigate Chaozhou city Xiangqiao district Party committee secretary Yuan Fu, mayor Chen Peng serious violation case. During the disciplinary review, he wrote the 10 confession, the repeated poor money is not received, nor the so-called "boss money point, no money is" robbing the rich not be beneath the human character, "robbing the poor" thought, and always believe that their nature is not bad". The day before, the latest issue of the "Guangdong style" disclosure of Chen Peng serious violation case details. District Housing director 9 years was promoted to district according to the introduction, Chen Peng from a Xiangqiao Fangguansuo director, deputy director, growth for the city Housing Authority director, Xiangqiao deputy secretary, mayor in just 9 years, an average of three per year 1 promotion. He started from the Spring Festival in 2003 to accept others’ money and goods, the incidence has been for 13 years, especially during his tenure at the city Housing Bureau and the Municipal Land Bureau, the power is beneficial to the people’s livelihood resources, has become the focus of the local business owners are hunting objects. For their own corrupt practices, Chen Peng always think that their nature is not bad". According to reports, Chen Peng was born in the countryside, in 1987 from the Chaozhou motor factory to Xiangqiao City Housing Authority housing work after admission he had a weak foundation and low level, so also strenuously study business knowledge. 1999 in Chaozhou, Binjiang promenade 180 thousand square meters of demolition tasks, he also honest, honest reputation successfully achieved the trust and support of the demolition, the successful completion of the task. "Don’t think money is the society according to the disclosure, offbeat" Chen Peng during 2003 ~2005, taking advantage of his position, especially during the period of working in the City Land Bureau, land use approval authority, forcing the land users to send money home gifts in order to quickly handle, wantonly accepting 41 real estate developers, enterprises, subordinate units the township government, and other units and personnel of money, totaling 1 million 860 thousand yuan, HK $2 million 170 thousand, $63 thousand, in addition to gold, wine, calligraphy and other gifts. In this regard, Chen Peng said in the confession material at the beginning, when accepting money and their existence pressure and ideological struggle, however, when he and the enterprise boss "friend", "brother" contact more and more, he began to slowly accept bosses not gifts, money is not the so-called "offbeat society be beneath the human character." that view, "holiday gift", "holiday salute" is a normal social interaction, do not take the initiative to obtain. Confession material has such a detail, once, when Chen Peng update furniture, his mother asked him, where is the money come from? He smiled and asked his mother: "I do not have a good brother?" In the induction of the wrong thought, Chen Peng gradually let go of accepting huge property, and finally to "drag, not money cards," bad point.相关的主题文章: