Guangdong autumn night to Ginkgo biloba Huangshi – tourism Sohu antik

Guangdong autumn night, Huangshi to Ginkgo biloba – Sohu of Guangdong tourism, North Nanling as a barrier, weakened the southward cold, makes the autumn here even when be long in coming, when the heat of the sun, the North has been quietly fall, even the leaves yellow and the red. Ping Tian, located in northern guangdong. In mid November to early December, the cold air can urge again yellow ginkgo leaves, this is another golden season after the villagers get Qiushi, as usual in the joint reception of changqiangduanbao vice team. Spend a weekend, walk through the village, old trees, forest, smell the breath of autumn. A new day of labor with wisps of smoke will start the morning, sunrise, a continuation of a generation. In front of Qiu Zhi, mottled shadows, the wind dancing leaves that, it is a village with good autumn scenery. Art students view Lianbi here, king in the painting, a painting of king. The autumn in Guangdong is short, the autumn phenology is not amazing, but also bright yellow gold. Two to the field, respectively, by train and self driving. Train: Guangzhou South Railway Station – ShaoGuan Railway Station (HSR) – ShaoGuan East Railway Station (city bus) – Nanxiong (passenger bus) – Ping Tian (Chartered) car: Guangzhou – Nanxiong (Le Guangzhou high-speed) – Ping Tian (highway 342) compared to a few years earlier, now already built a parking lot, camp village built along the cliff, the car in the village before the transfer to the car battery (such as booking to the farmhouse to store out, driving into the village) recommend for accommodation: Ping Gang village, about ten minutes walk distance camp, the morning sunrise view of the best, if the accommodation in the Town, to see the sunrise, can let the boss about agricultural vehicles, to set aside half an hour. The car is OK, but the country is narrow, the parking space is limited. This small corner [graphics for the love of travel of original content, reproduced please indicate the source, hereby declare]相关的主题文章: