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"Grandpa Christina 38" premiere Wen Xin Qiao Tokebis belt you easily decompression warm heart Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news has been the concern of the comedy film "Grandpa decompression Christina 38" held a premiere conference and national tour launch ceremony on decompression in Beijing yesterday, Director Ann Bingji with the creator Tong Dawei, Wen Xin et al have appeared. The warm heart of wearing a ANNAKIKI spell leather grass long dress is funny and playful, clever and lovely, in "double eleven" is about to open the "Grandpa Christina 38" national relief trip, warm heart to lead the audience to celebrate the magic of decompression "double eleven" in the movie premiere at the conference site, the ultimate exposure notice, Tong Dawei, Wen Xin the main character of hilarious battle. At the same time, the trailer is rarely exposed "Grandpa" Tong Dawei and "grandmother" warm heart at first sight, the heart warming smile into each other’s eyes pictures, movies, to people’s feelings in the conference site is Liaobo whirling. Conference, the host of the warm heart of the question: "if in real life, met a man with a grandson to find yourself, what would be the reaction?" Wen Xin humor replied: "Hello, 110?" Attracted the audience bursts of applause and laughter. The movie "Grandpa Christina 38", warm heart as a gentle and amiable kindergarten teacher, in the exposure of the ultimate trailer, Tong Dawei holding "grandson", Wen Xin led the drama in the little girls, four scenes feel warm smile into each other’s eyes. The movie "Grandpa Christina 38" since the first video material after exposure, has been brought to the audience of "zero burden" decompression feeling, known as the 2016 most valued at the comedy film. But for many works to join in the warm heart of the body, like the movie can see more and more many of the audience after watching the movie have turned the tap water ", praising the film is" decompression gas essential film". In addition, the "national relief squad" was formally established, "Grandpa Christina 38" national relief trip also will be officially opened. The movie will be "double eleven" log on the courtyard the line, it is suitable for friends, colleagues, and even the whole family together into the auditorium viewing of the film, what with what kind of sense of joy, warmth and joy? Might as well go into the cinema, experience.   相关的主题文章: