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Travel-and-Leisure Grand Canyon Vacation for Couples A memorable honeymoon is what everybody wants, and to make sure that you get the best romantic activities and attraction spots, there are plenty of destinations that you can choose from. You must take your loved one to one of the worlds seven wonders, which is Grand Canyon, if you want a quiet and relaxed honeymoon experience or a getaway filled with many romantic activities. You must get ac.modation from any of the many hotels that offer Grand Canyon vacation packages specially made for honeymooners in order for you to have a memorable honeymoon celebration. These hotels provide rooms with a romantic theme, and provide candle light dinners at the hotels private restaurant. For activities during the day, couples can participate in tours to various attraction spots like the north and south rims of Grand Canyon. Aside from the activities, couples can also do some serious shopping in different shops situated near these hotels. Grand Canyon Vacation and Hot Balloon Tour To experience the wonder of the Grand Canyon, one of the most awesome and thrilling ways is definitely the Grand Canyon balloon tours. To have a full view of the natural beauty of this famous attraction spot, there are some who might be hesitant to step inside the basket of a hot air balloon. One cannot fully appreciate this range of 4 to 18 miles wide and depth of 6,000 feet by taking pictures, hiking or stopping onlyThere is no better way to view it but to avail balloon tour packages which are regularly offered in your Grand Canyon vacation packages. Considered by some as more enjoyable than a helicopter tour, balloon tours are peaceful, quiet, and the best feature is simply being outside and feeling the heat of the Grand Canyon sun on your face. In addition, you’ll have a first hand experience on its various rock formations occurring in its Paleozoic era. Affordable Grand Canyon Vacation Are you searching for an inexpensive hotel ac.modation for your Grand Canyon vacation that will fit your minimal budget?You should get ac.modation from El Tovar Hotel if you want to cut down your vacation expenses because it is regarded as one of the most affordable hotels functioning in the place. It offers minimal charge on its rooms as well as an easy access to numerous tourist spots because it is sited just a few steps away from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The hotel is built with a three-storey structure with rooms furnished with two queen beds that can ac.modate up to four people. In addition, rooms have free coffee, irons, and also offer facilities for handicapped people such as non-smoking rooms and 24 hour on call staff. Though the hotel is mainly acknowledged for its economical rooms, it also provides luxurious ac.modations where rooms are much bigger than the standard ones having an extra seating spot. Things to Ponder for Your Grand Canyon Vacation It is overwhelming for first time guests to experience Grand Canyon vacation, which is also considered as one of the desired vacation spot for families, couples, or almost anyone who has an interest in the pure and natural beauty of earth. If you have not experienced the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon, you should do so as soon as possible and be among the millions of people whose hearts have been captured by the place. There are some things you should be familiar with before packing up your luggage in order to make your Grand Canyon vacation a more memorable one. Grand Canyon, with an average depth of about one mile, stretches across 277 miles of the northern Arizona plains. It is home to over 250 classes of birds, five classes of reptiles, and almost 100 species of mammals, wherein several of which are exclusively native to the canyon. Last of all, running through the canyon at an average width of about 300 feet and depth of approximately 100 feet is the Colorado River, which also contributes to the beauty of Grand Canyon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: