Gorgeous maple on the road, I wait for you to come back in Guangzhou – Sohu-clazziquai

Beautiful Feng Jing on the way back – I’m waiting for you in Guangzhou Sohu and I was with him, imperceptibly already five hundred days, these days we hand travel, through many places, seen a lot of beautiful scenery. Remember the beginning of the acquaintance, he half jokingly and I said, go back to good, in Guangzhou, I, I will come. And he, also from Guangzhou, a rush of passengers, became a half of Guangzhou. He liked to ride the tram, saying he liked to look at the city at such a slow pace. Although the subway is faster and more convenient, every time to take the subway, it is like a mysterious box into the ground, can not see the sky, do not know where they are, from the mouth into the ground, and from another mouth out. Trams are not long, probably less than half an hour, and sometimes good luck, you can touch a particular theme of the train, like walking into a mobile art museum, look at the sun in the city of small story. Pearl River Metro in the Canton Tower overlooking the other side of the Pearl River New City, the city’s new axis, tall buildings, the total gives a big city, fast-paced feeling. If you go to the Pearl River Metro, as if the pace will be faster, in order to keep the pace. But I am always slow, he laughed and said to know why I can not adapt to the work life, it must be because I go too slow. I said, I walk slowly, you can easily catch me. It has a plethora of Canton Tower several times, but each time he comes to Guangzhou, still insisted on here. Looking at the whole city at the foot, but feel small. Besides, he said, no matter where the place is home to the zoo Hotel Li Feng shop said "home", the hotel is on our journey home. Like a home in general, it is natural to think of advocating the "heart of the body at ease," the concept of life Li Feng hotel. Really as we travel experience division, Check Inn Hotel the opportunity very much, to my mind, Li Feng is not the top of the hotel, the hardware can not only compared to the same period, service experience, every time we have a surprise. If we travel on their own, there is no doubt that Li Feng will be included in the consideration of the list, warm and comfortable, convenient location, attentive service, the most important thing is the price is not expensive, is definitely a high cost of selection. This time, we chose the hotel is the hotel, the metro line five, a few minutes walk to the. Dragging luggage into the lobby, familiar with the smell of lavender, like to meet an old friend familiar with the natural ease. The check-in clerk, kindly prepare us for a tea, for a while and then register information, and inform the room already prepared. When I entered the room, the room card inserted, automatic curtain slowly opened, lights light up, a little stunned, hey, what is this? Blue and white balloons floating on the ceiling, the bed with flower petals into HELLO KITTY, there are a lot of roses. He said, I know that he has been complaining about the lack of romantic sentiment, no sense of ceremony on the day, we have been together for so long did not give me a good holiday. Accidentally discovered Li Feng also so.相关的主题文章: