Girl with cerebral palsy by mouth act as a go-between six years to complete the eight exquisite cros

Girl with cerebral palsy by mouth act as a go-between six years to complete the eight exquisite embroidery as Jiang Min and her fine cross stitch work. Chen Weihong, a correspondent, Jiang Min, embroidered his work with his mouth pin. Washington (reporter Wang Yang correspondent Chen Weihong) because suffering from congenital cerebral palsy, Baoding Wangdu county girl Jiang Min limbs, can not be like ordinary people activities. But she just learned the cross stitch with her mouth pin, and finished eight exquisite works in six years. Yesterday, President Jiang Min hopes to sell his works, use the money to buy a computer for. The 23 year old Ren Min Min was born in an ordinary peasant family in Zhao village, Wangdu County, Baoding city. Because of congenital cerebral palsy, Jiang Min’s limbs can not be as normal as usual, even without perception. In order to give Ren Jiang sensitive treatment, parents took her to many large and small hospitals, but also spent a lot of money, but the treatment effect is not ideal. Along with the growth of the age, every day stay at home, doing nothing, Jiang Min, more and more feel inferiority, depressed all day. One day in 2013, a cousin of Jiang Min after his arrival to find a set of cross stitch, cross stitch embroidery materials, advised her to resolve depressed. In the cousin’s encouragement, Jiang Min began to study the cross stitch embroidery. To other people don’t matter the needle, put her stumped. Parents usually work in the vicinity of the small factory, where there is time to keep her needle in the side? Ren Min’s stubborn strength came up, hands and feet can not move, she first use the mouth to pin up, inserted in a place, and then use the mouth holding the end of the needle to the eye. Because the distance is too close, the eyes are not observed, only the eye of the needle, thread position by feeling. After countless failures, Ren Jiang Min finally found the feeling. When the first puncture success, let Jiang Min excited tears. The title, title, needle, fixed line needle, now only one minute of time, Jiang Min can use skilled to complete the act as a go-between mouth. Cross stitch embroidered up trouble and effort, normal people will soon hand embroidered with acid eye pain, can only be used for embroidery mouth of Ren Jiangmin, it is an impossible task. At the beginning, often can not find the correct position with the mouth needle. But Jiang Min knew that practice makes perfect, and embroidery does not look good. She exercises repeatedly to find the feeling. Several days later, as Jiang Min’s tongue on the needle was worn in several places, terrible pain. A few months later, Jiang Min will be able to use a needle mouth of a bar, skilled embroidery works. Although much slower than ordinary people, but as Jiang Min "malt", produced a very fine embroidery works. When the villagers saw her works for the first time, they did not believe that it was embroidered by the mouth pin of Jiang min. Up to now, Jiang Min has finished 8 works in 6 years. With the completion of one after another work, Jiang Min’s character also become cheerful and active. Ren Jiang said, she has a wish, is to sell their cross stitch work, with the money to buy a computer. After that, she can sell her own works on the Internet and earn money to support herself.

脑瘫女孩用嘴穿针引线 六年完成八幅精美十字绣 任江敏与她的精美十字绣作品。 通讯员 陈卫红 摄 任江敏用嘴衔针绣制作品。   本报讯(记者 汪洋 通讯员 陈卫红)因为患有先天性脑瘫,保定市望都县女孩任江敏的四肢,无法像常人一样活动。但她硬是用嘴衔针学会了十字绣,六年时间完成了八幅精美作品。昨日,任江敏希望能把自己的作品卖掉,用换来的钱买一台电脑。   今年23岁的任江敏,出生在保定市望都县赵庄村一个普通农民家庭。因患有先天性脑瘫,任江敏的四肢从小就无法像常人一样活动,甚至根本没有知觉。为了给任江敏治病,父母带着她去过很多家大小医院,也花了不少费用,但治疗效果都不理想。随着年龄增长,天天呆在家中无所事事的任江敏,越来越感觉到自卑,整天闷闷不乐。   2013年的一天,一位堂姐了解到任江敏的苦闷后,找来一套十字绣材料,建议她绣十字绣来排解郁闷。在堂姐的鼓励下,任江敏开始学习绣十字绣。可对别人来说根本不算事的穿针,就把她给难住了。父母平时都在附近的小工厂里打工,哪里有时间守在旁边给她穿针?任江敏的倔强劲上来了,手脚不能动,她就先用嘴把针衔起来插在一个地方,然后再用嘴叼着线头往针眼里穿。由于距离太近,眼睛无法进行观察,线头、针眼的位置只能凭感觉。在失败了无数次后,任江敏终于找到了感觉。当第一次穿针成功,任江敏兴奋不已,泪水盈眶。   衔针、固定、衔线、穿针,如今,仅用一分多钟时间,任江敏就能用嘴熟练的完成穿针引线。十字绣作品绣制起来费神费力,正常人绣上一会儿就会手酸眼疼,对于只能用嘴绣的任江敏来说,简直是一项不可能完成的任务。刚开始,用嘴下针经常找不准正确位置。但任江敏懂得熟能生巧,绣出来不好看,她就反复练习找感觉。几天下来,任江敏的舌头就被针头磨破了好几处,钻心的疼。几个月后,任江敏就能用嘴下针一扎一个准,熟练绣制作品了。   虽然要比常人慢很多,但任江敏“慢工出细活”,绣制出的作品非常精美。当村民们第一次看到她的作品时,无论如何也不相信那是任江敏用嘴衔针绣出来的。到现在,6年时间里任江敏已绣制完成了8幅作品。   伴随着一幅又一幅作品完成,任江敏的性格也变得开朗积极起来。任江敏说,她有一个愿望,就是卖掉自己的十字绣作品,用换来的钱购买一台电脑。以后,她就可以在网络上销售自己作品,挣钱养活自己了。相关的主题文章: