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Get rid of the night of the correct way to open the milk – Sohu mother and daughter often receive questions from the mother: how old can break the night milk? How to break the night milk? Many mothers are troubled by this problem. Indeed, during the day with the baby has been very tired, even if the night urinate frequently, too tortured people, especially working moms second days to get up early to work, sleep is not good but also face the busy work is really miserable. Although the doctor will say, baby don’t need so much milk at night, but moms worry that whether the baby weaned night will lead to "psychological problems"? Bao Baozhen’s not hungry? Especially when the hit "baby, mom never yield in spite of reverses" often do not carry the final cry "yield", we talk about this topic today. The baby can we all break the night milk? When can be broken? Of course, the baby can break night milk. Newborn babies will not day and night nursing mothers frequently, on-demand feeding can, in the baby after the full moon, as the baby grows, milk will gradually have the law, from 2 to 3 hours feeding time and 4 hours feeding time, some baby three or four months, beginning in 6 hour the night long sleep, at night milk will gradually decrease, cancelled. Most babies in 6 months or so you can get rid of the night cream. Many mothers will ask the baby how to break the night milk frequently, but fine chat found that many problems are caused by improper or improper feeding. The main contents of the following one year old baby. The it is really bothering you all night cream? If the baby can sleep continuously for 6 hours without milk, it should not be called "eat milk at night". Children usually sleep earlier than their parents, may be seven or eight points to let the baby go to bed, if the baby to sleep for 6 hours, wake up when it happens to be at one point in the middle of the night, the mother may have been sleeping just wake up, unbearable pain. In fact, the baby is reasonable. The correct way to open the baby if you go to bed at seven or eight, you can add a meal around eleven or so, so that the baby can fill the stomach until dawn. The – feeding food supplement may have dinner – parents often rebound effect is a misunderstanding, than to eat milk – hungry. The baby gradually add complementary in 4-6 months, the parents will feel: concept is definitely solid than liquid filling, we adults also eat only full well, so the baby before going to bed to eat food supplement can let the baby sleep longer. In fact, for the baby, milk heat higher, more filling, so the meal will be better at bedtime. Right? Open the way baby dinner if you eat food after a meal before going to play for a while, add a milk is good. If the meal and milk on the interval is not long, it will not be like dinner to eat so much, do not usually 180 a meal, this meal is not to drink clean. Breast fed babies are fed on demand. The children sleep in breast milk – – let often have the baby within 3 months of breastfeeding mothers complain that children frequently wake up night, under the wise mother found in baby eating sleep, not to disturb. Some mothers are thought to be micro相关的主题文章: