Geely gains Uruguay touring car team runner up – car Sohu

Geely team gains Uruguay touring car – car field has always been the runner up of Sohu performance testing of the automobile "touchstone", the major enterprises frequently through sports to narrow the distance with consumers. Recently, Geely’s outstanding performance in Uruguay Superturismo Touring Car Championship, eventually won the seventh runner up, demonstrating superior performance of Geely automobile. (Geely car speeding on the Uruguay Touring Car Championship) Superturismo touring car championship is the most important Uruguay Touring Car Championship, a total of 12 mainstream brands to participate in this year, more than 30 car ride track, has become a local attraction, attracted a lot of media and car enthusiasts attention this year, Geely team sent a total of 2 vehicles Geely car racing driver team, stable performance, outstanding performance, won seventh tournaments runner up. (Uruguay Touring Car Championship scene) it is understood that this year, Geely in Uruguay market performance is also very good, in the Chinese automobile export brand sales ranked first, year-on-year growth of 35% last year. In fact, in addition to touring car, with Geely all over the world have paid great attention to the brand value and the spirit of sports, not only in domestic has sponsored a number of sporting events, such as strategic cooperation with the Chinese national swimming team, F4, CFGP and FIA in the imperial public challenge cup, 2016 is added to the Silk Road rally. In overseas, Geely also through sports marketing, close the distance between the brand and consumers. Such as sponsorship of the Belarus FC BATE and the Milan Club friendly, Oman’s lucky football team, etc.. (= to sponsor the Belarus football (arrow) Oman auspicious football team)相关的主题文章: