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Gary morning suddenly put "the idea of divorce" until early tears fill in the new net – Marry kneel for Gary a pair of children. Source: Gary micro-blog screenshot. In new network on 14 October, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, singer Gary in 2014 with a pair of lovely children in the show "Daddy where 2", good father image in people’s minds, one family a happy life is amazing, February is a package under the hall, the old woman to marry Wu Suling. Make up only a simple registration regret 8 years ago. He was only 14 in the morning, but suddenly in the online question divorce… What do you think?" So many users scared silly, worried that the couple is not a problem. Gary, 14, early in the morning on the Internet question: divorce… What do you think?" A word caused a lot of speculation, although users have given their views, but there are still a lot of loyal fans surprised to think he had the idea of divorce, he began to think again, not long after, he forwarded his posts, and explain his wife no problem, my wife and I are not willing to.. We hope that our love will continue to refuel, and after 4 minutes, he clarified that we are very good.. Hope everyone is good…. Don’t give up". In fact, Gary in February to the wife of 8 years up to marry him, because he was only a simple registration, was not to go, always want to make up for each other, in order to give each other a perfect surprise, he spent 3 months preparing for the documentary, from the script, the scene after all ideas, no one else hand, the mobilization of more than 100 people in the crew and extras, who spent nearly 2 million shooting costs, the final completion of "I love you" 100 times "surprise marriage reality show, let the touching atmosphere on stage are crying. Now suddenly ask "the idea of divorce", was a lot of fans.相关的主题文章: