French version of the magic school enrollment, Harry fans scrambling to sign up for wizards rainism

The French version of the magic school admissions Harry fans rushed to sign up when the wizard according to the "Central News Agency reported on 25, after Poland to create the magic school, there are fans together to create" the French version of the Hogwarts School of France, as long as 16 years of age, regardless of nationality can register, have the opportunity to finish your dream when the wizard. Many Harry Porter (Harry Potter) fans often complain that Rowling, JK, who is unable to attend the JK Rowling, created the world’s Magic School Hogg Watts (Hogwarts). Earlier reports said that Poland has imitated Hogwarts magic school, through experience course let you become a practice wizard. The French magic school is located in Chateau Jolibert castle in southern France. It will open 4 days and 3 nights experience course from May 25th to May 28th next year and recruit 100 students. As long as the age of 16, regardless of nationality, can sign up. At present, the official website schedule is released, the course content includes magic, botany, magic arts and cuisine. The students will receive the magic items in the beginning of the original novel, and accept the magic test on the last day; besides, there will be Quidditch competitions, picnics, treasure hunting and other activities, and they will move to reality. "Harry Potter" in the "Hogwarts School of magic" provisions "Muggle" (non magical people) can not enter the school, but now let the world to appear around Potter fans exciting news, the French version of the magic school has more than 2000 fans rushing to sign up.

法国版魔法学校招生 哈利迷争相报名当巫师   据“中央社”25日报道,继波兰打造魔法学校后,法国有狂热粉丝携手创造“法国版霍格华兹学院”,只要年满16岁,不分国籍都可以报名,有机会完成你当巫师的梦想。   许多哈利波特(Harry Potter)迷常抱怨无法就读作者JK罗琳(JK Rowling)所创造出来的世界中的魔法学校霍格华兹(Hogwarts)。   此前有报道称,波兰有间仿霍格华兹的魔法学校,通过体验课程让你成为一个实习巫师。   而这间法国的魔法学校位于法国南部的Chateau Jolibert城堡,将于明年5月25日至5月28日,开放4天3夜体验课程,招募100名学生。只要年满16岁,不分国籍,皆可报名。   目前官网课表公布,课程内容包括魔法、植物学、魔咒学及料理。学生将比照在原作小说中开场提及的开学获取魔法道具,最后一天接受魔法考试;除此之外,还有魁地奇比赛、野餐、寻宝等各项活动,都会搬到现实中来。   《哈利波特》里的魔法学校“霍格华兹”规定“麻瓜”(不会魔法的人)不能进入就读,但现在各地陆续出现让全球波特迷兴奋的消息,目前这间法国版的魔法学校已经有超过2000名粉丝抢着报名。相关的主题文章: