Forza horizon 3 released into halo Warthog configuration verbal jint

"Forza horizon 3" halo Warthog "configuration released joined Forza: Horizon 3" is also a Xbox Play Anywhere game, Win version 10 is indispensable. Official today announced the detailed requirements of the game’s PC configuration. "Forza: Horizon 3" configuration requirements announced the official recommended configuration is GTX 970 GTX and 1060 AMD at R9 290X and RX480. If is a recent study cuanji students for these pieces of card should not strange, belongs to the level of 2000 yuan card. The game requires 4G memory and 12G memory, 55GB hard drive capacity. "Forza: Horizon 3" configuration requirements of course as the core of Microsoft announced the first party as one of the support for DX12 too. In addition to "Forza: Horizon 3" and "6" as the ultimate racing: the peak, can support 4K resolution in the PC version. However, you want to experience the smooth resolution of the game in 4K resolution, there is no GTX 1080 or TITAN X graphics card is difficult to estimate. "Forza: Horizon 3" in the "Warthog Forza: Horizon" in 3 joined the warthog another very noteworthy thing is the warthog. Love the "halo" series of friends of the classic vehicles should be very familiar with, or that it first appeared in "Forza" series of games. "Forza: Horizon 3" set in Australia, there are a lot of scenic cross-country scenes, coinciding with the design of Warthog is very appropriate. "Halo" powder is suddenly want to play "Horizon 3" impulse? (source: VG247 editor: Okami) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: