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Foreign media said the renminbi will become a world currency: five years trillion Chinese news with the German "Frankfurt report" website on September 28th published an article by Hendrik · anken Brandt wrote, entitled "Chinese yuan is now officially become a world currency". The article said, esba · PU Lhasa De is in China outside the understanding of historical personage of rmb. The India born economist at the Cornell University, a fellow at the Brookings Institution and former International Monetary Fund director Chinese. In the wake of the rise of the Chinese currency, known as the yuan by politicians and academics, Lhasa has written a new book, "the evolving currency: the rise of the renminbi". The economist has no doubt that the world is undergoing a historic event in the preface to the book. He quoted Marco Polo’s visit to China in thirteenth Century as saying: "the end of the day when people arrived in a beautiful city called Baoying. The residents here statues, the death of people and money used for cremation." The article said that in Venice businessman Marco Polo lived in Europe, notes in four hundred or five hundred years after being widely used. It also makes sense, after all, the Chinese invented the paper 200 years ago. When China today’s currency in October 1st was included in the International Monetary Fund of the SDR basket, General de Lhasa hinted that this is a thousands of years has been the world’s leading countries to the rise of logical step in the process. The threat is not a threat to the dollar, said, for a long time, Lhasa has been to Germany in the way of analysis and criticism, but also with a clear sense of goodwill to observe the rise of China’s economy. Therefore, the economist pointed out in the book that Chinese in the history of the powerful is to be expected. But more is worth mentioning is that General de Lhasa did not indulge in that Chinese will increasingly replace the United States as observers and other Chinese supporters leading world powers the excitement among. The yuan will become an important international reserve currency, General de Lhasa wrote, and will soon be used in a large number of Global trade and financial transactions. But the yuan is not a "game changer" – not a currency that can replace the dollar’s dominant position in the world. Although China’s foreign trade shows a huge surplus, the country’s currency is not used much in the world. Even in the trade with the United States, Chinese enterprises to use the RMB to pay only about 2%, the global perspective, the proportion of RMB in the payment of the exchange is lower. The euro, the pound, and even the yen – the use of these currencies is wider than the Chinese yuan. The article said that now with the IMF was included in the basket, the proportion of the RMB will increase. It is estimated that in 5 years there may be $1 trillion into China, because after the IMF to obtain the certification of the world’s central banks and funds will buy rmb. But Lhasa does not believe that dollar general day has entered the countdown, the decline of the United States because of its political system seems completely unmasked dysfunctional and inevitable. Though there were signs everywhere;相关的主题文章: