Forcing the actress to shoot sex scenes Zhuge Ziqi will be held in the end shuyue

Forcing the actress to shoot sex scenes? Zhuge: Ziqi will be held in the end end Zhuang son said deduction sex is not wrong, also called her boss Zhuge. Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 25th news, according to Hongkong media reports, the deterioration of Zhuang children and end manager Zhuge Ziqi, shouting to make bigger and bigger. In the end of Zhuang Er yesterday social platform wrath Zhuge will she deduction Wang Zongyao’s "writer" lie was exposed, more exposure to Zhuge Ziqi her sex play, push yourself off is not wrong. Zhuge and Xue Jialin began to protect his wife and husband, dismissed all charges for the end of Zhuang hypes Bo publicity for children, Mrs. reputation, he will take legal action to pursue in the end. The models before the end Zhuang Er held a press conference that has proposed to the manager Zhuge Ziqi, and refers to someone wants her to do some things beyond their own bottom line, but Zhuge Ziqi refers to and do not know each other to what it is, and will retain the right to legal action. But events continue to burn, yesterday came which makes the deterioration of relations between the two sides, because Zhuge’s star Tao International Entertainment Culture Village shooting Wang Zongyao’s son approached the end of "writer lies", but because of sex and oral sex scene in the lens, think beyond the end of the village and personal religious Jupai bottom line. But this was not end Zhuang son broke, so yesterday at the Instagram Zhuge Ziqi detonation and broke the matter publicly forced her to all the people of Hongkong account. (Miao Fei) (when commissioning editor:)相关的主题文章: