For the implementation of innovation driven development strategy — financial – gas

For the implementation of innovation driven development strategy — financial help – gas Xinhua news agency in Beijing in February 5,     Chinese traditional festival the Spring Festival approaching, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier Liu Yandong to the science and technology daily visits, visit condolences to science journalists, congratulations on science and Technology Daily published 30th anniversary, and by Chinese technology network official micro-blog science and technology workers and foreign experts to the New Year greetings and good wishes. She stressed the need to further implement the Party Central Committee, the State Council’s decision and deployment, around the implementation of innovation driven development strategy, strengthen the ability of science and technology news dissemination and public opinion guidance, in order to play a leading role in scientific and technological support, to create a good atmosphere for economic and social development. Liu Yandong pointed out that since the publication of science and technology daily, around the center and serve the glorious achievement of record of the construction of China’s modernization and science and technology progress, reflects a generation of science and technology workers be enthusiastic and press on the spirit in the whole society, especially in science and technology have a positive influence to become the main position of science and technology to guide public opinion and science and technology workers spiritual home. Liu Yandong stressed the need to firmly grasp the correct political direction, and vigorously promote the reform and innovation of the main theme of the times, comprehensive propaganda science and technology innovation achievements, in-depth coverage of national strategy, strengthen the innovation of policy interpretation, summed up the promotion experience, timely response to social concerns, to promote the formation of a good situation for the development of innovation driven. We should spread the spirit of science, further establish the idea of invigorating the country through science and education, innovation and power, and improve the scientific literacy of the public. We should further study the development law of new media, innovate the mode of scientific and technological communication, and constantly improve the attraction and influence of scientific and technological propaganda, and make a new contribution to realize the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way and entering an innovative country. People’s daily (02, 06, 2016, 02 Edition) 为实施创新驱动发展战略加油助力–财经–人民网   新华社北京2月5日电  中华民族传统佳节春节来临之际,中共中央政治局委员、国务院副总理刘延东到科技日报社考察,看望慰问科技新闻工作者,祝贺科技日报创刊30周年,并通过中国科技网官方微博向广大科技工作者和外国专家致以新春问候和良好祝愿。她强调,要深入落实党中央、国务院决策部署,围绕实施创新驱动发展战略,加强科技新闻传播和舆论引导能力,为发挥科技支撑引领作用、服务经济社会发展营造良好氛围。  刘延东指出,科技日报创刊以来,围绕中心、服务大局,记录了我国现代化建设和科技事业进步的光辉成就,反映了一代代科技工作者奋发有为的精神面貌,在全社会特别是科技界产生了积极广泛影响,成为科技舆论引导的主阵地和广大科技工作者的精神家园。  刘延东强调,要牢牢把握正确政治方向,大力弘扬改革创新时代主旋律,全面宣传科技创新重大成就,深入报道国家战略决策,加强创新政策解读,总结推介经验做法,及时回应社会关切,推动形成创新驱动发展的良好局面。要传播科学精神,在全社会进一步树立科教兴国、创新强国的理念,提高公众科学素养。要深入研究新兴媒体发展规律,创新科技传播方式,不断提高科技宣传的吸引力和影响力,为实现全面建成小康社会、进入创新型国家行列目标作出新贡献。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年02月06日 02 版)相关的主题文章: