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First of financing 6 billion, again from the Zhou hang easy to leave, what? – Sohu technology recently, China often drops, there is a big move, it is easy to continue to charge back pattern is relatively low-key, but these days it seems also not calm. September 26th, easy to suddenly broke two were big news: the car is easy to be easy to finance 6 billion yuan founder of Hang Zhou Peng Gang will leave, or as the CEO of the two easy to respond to rumors, pure rumor, all official reports shall prevail. Financing documents Wucongkaozheng recently, the media has exposed easy to business documents and financing documents: "easy to the two quarter average loss of 37 million yuan", "easy to reduce the cash flow". After the easy to the official said, "easy to the internal files of this type does not exist", and suspected rival deliberately discredit easy to counterfeit. Today, a similar incident occurred. September 26th, from the media said it is easy to raise a new round of financing, the total size will reach 6 billion yuan. Mentioned in the text: easy to use the car before the investment valuation of 17 billion yuan, after the investment of $23 billion. The 6 billion broke and seriousness, analysis of the use of. Passenger and driver side subsidies (3 billion yuan), marketing and ecological coordination ($1 billion 500 million), the main platform for the new car and the background of the system to optimize the construction (1 billion yuan), to supplement working capital ($500 million). Easy to respond: the document is not true, the recent easy to really in the financing, but the specific amount of financing to the official announcement. In August this year, after the acquisition of Uber drops China accounted for about 90% of the market share; in September the Shenzhou car released U+ strategy, C2C will also enter the high-end market and make ready to burn. It is easy to do a lot of pressure, so the financing news never stopped. However, the data did not depend on, according to the previous burst from last November to June of this year, the cumulative amount of users reached 6 billion yuan to reach the amount of the amount of financing is also inferred to be $6 billion, too hasty. In addition, the rumors of the valuation of the easy to let people know. In August this year, sources said, easy to prepare for the listing of three new board next year, intends to finance 4 billion, pre investment valuation of $17 billion. In today’s "file" the 17 billion non official data came back, more on the investment valuation of 23 billion yuan as an obvious mistake, the valuation is not a simple superposition. Internal documents so easy to know Its loopholes appeared one after another., why are black. The personnel changes rumors in March this year, released music as an organization and personnel appointment notice, announced the original LETV Holdings CMO Peng Gang will serve as the car is easy to the post of president, in charge of the car is easy to market, collaboration and music as ecological personnel and organization construction and management services. Founder and CEO Zhou hang positions unchanged. However, people see the music as a result of the post navigation CEO position gradually marginalized, easy to help the music as a solution to the problem of cash flow, as the music is completely changed to a conservative gene. Jia Yueting dare to splurge, while the original easy to Hang Zhou is not cold to burn. This is indeed some of the ideas on the conflict, but the more radical character Peng Gang said in an interview, Zhou hang.相关的主题文章: