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Finally decided to give up a person, what is the feeling? Click on the top of the blue – Sohu concerned let us do the onslaught of girls with vitality! Finally decided to give up a person, what is the feeling? The mutual Liao’s topic is "who is your God?" Welcome back in the background oh. Be sure to add the message in front of "cross up:" Ha Yi heart and convenient witch after finishing out of the Delta?? @ hee finally decided to give up a person, is in the heart to say goodbye to the rehearsal countless times, quietly shed countless tears, my heart has a little luck, hope can not end the same, but in the farewell, want to retain but can’t shed a tear. @ Kakashi is a very attractive person, finally decided to give up. Feel the world is empty, there is no sense of belonging. Always feel at my age, but also like a person really is not easy, but in the end is to give up. @Ai Chihiro was relieved, also not to return to the past is calm, step forward peace, wish him well, I wish Woan. @Nervosity finally decided to give up on you, because you don’t need me. Give up you, the heart is empty, feel the world abandoned me, but it seems to find a new light. Are you happy without me? Without you, I will learn to be happy. Give up the last @skuc several times did not give up, do not put, many times on their own to speak. The last time, no longer have the strength to turn back, the mood is super calm, so it. A Rong Jun: @) every time give up struggling in heart and then one time I think he will find this person did not seem to feel suddenly relieved. @sylvia203 I wasn’t that important. Our decision to give up one person is @ you delete his WeChat and find that I regret to add back but you have to delete the ah and he will be found but could not delete the last I’m useless and back although not speak but he didn’t see a good information list (ah???????????????????) @ little funny than decided to give up to love him. Maybe every time you use the body in love to chat with him and the other just seriously tease you. Perhaps the sudden enthusiasm and groundless cold, perhaps together with him and not really happy. Write these, this was not put it to @ don’t stick to finally give up his time, feel with their own separate, cut off one of the hands and feet, cut to the heart. I finally learned to start a new life, and finally can say goodbye to the past. Breaking up is not painful, but I have been too concerned about a relationship, while ignoring the feelings of the most important people. People are wrong, promise again good and what meaning. Thank you so far. @Sissi Zheng heart suddenly open and feel?相关的主题文章: