Fierce! Eleven do not want to rely on these ten pounds of fat!-candy boy

Fierce! Eleven do not want to rely on these ten pounds of fat! Lead: looking forward to the National Day holiday, relax at the same time, weight and gas like soar, it is really "every festival, ten pounds of fat."…… Don’t worry, remember these tips, enjoy the holidays, but also easy to use"! "National Day" is not only the motherland’s birthday, but also a rare long – false! Really super happy na! Thanks to our motherland! (* * at) stars eyes, holidays, visiting friends and relatives, classmates and colleagues party without eating and drinking, travel will be a lot of tasting some of the local delicacy, house house a "couch potato" just want to eat light…… Alas, although meat soared, but I really can’t control me from jì J!!! Don’t worry, teach you the recipe tips, lazy cancer can easily "Xiangshou ~ a dinner drink, no matter who is called I’ll pick it 1, eat meat to remember -" four legs better than two legs, two legs better than no legs". Four legs of animal meat (such as pork, beef, lamb, etc.), the highest content of calories and fat, preferably not more than 80 grams a day intake. Livestock meat (red meat) to eat less! "Two legs" meat (such as chicken, duck, goose, rabbit meat, etc.) coarse fibers, less heat. Poultry can eat fewer calories, "no legs" of aquatic products and seafood (such as fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, etc.) not only the least fat, high protein, protein absorption rate is the best. Is the most should eat not afraid of fat meat! Fish and other most should eat more! 2, eat salad, steamed, boiled, fried, stew, eat less fried food. Eat light food, 3 whole grains instead of whole grains instead of 4, Steamed Rice Steamed Rice white tea, mineral water instead of sugary drinks tea drinks, beer instead of 5 white little greeting, Wine the maintenance, but not too. A wine to drink 100cc enough, can go out two legs just don’t ride the zouqingfangyou and travel abroad, a large part of time on the road, to take advantage of this rare opportunity to exercise. Holidays must be blocked everywhere, will be driven to travel by public transport, whether it is standing in the car or transfer process, are unknowingly consumed heat. Before you can go out to download a step function of the APP in the phone, even if the road is far away, but to see their own consumption of calories and miles through, a sense of accomplishment, eat more fragrant hhhhhh…… Help ~ ~ three, house home, "Ge You lie" control food intake has a secret recipe is not going to go to the holiday, I would like to be paralyzed at home, do not know if you are not the same as me? As the two master’s okay, here recommended to you, even lazy, not fat intake control ~ daily intake, a measure: 1, a single hand or fist carbohydrates (or staple grains, starch) daily intake of staple food should be 250 grams ~400 grams the best food accounted for 13. .相关的主题文章: