FAW Xiali profitability decline is not optimistic about the business prospects of autonomous vehicle-onavo protect

FAW Xiali profitability dropped another independent vehicle business prospects are not optimistic about the sale of 2 billion 500 million FAW TOYOTA 15% stake in FAW Xiali "losses" restructuring plan after each intern reporter Luo Yifan on the evening of August 21st, FAW Xiali (000927, SZ) announced that the company intends to controlling shareholders China first automobile Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as FAW shares) to sell holdings Tianjin Faw Toyota Motor Co (hereinafter referred to as FAW TOYOTA) 15% of the shares, is expected to receive about 2 billion 500 million yuan of funds and increase the profits and losses of the current period. According to the announcement, FAW Xiali stake sale is to raise the funds needed for the development of the company, supporting independent vehicle development. The "daily economic news" reporter learned that the sale of assets has become an important way to "turn around" the FAW xiali. FAW Xiali FAW TOYOTA to sell high-quality assets, also means that the future profitability will be further reduced. Auto industry analysts, financial fund management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. chairman Cao He told the "daily economic news" reporter, FAW Xiali the equity sell-off, one is the "shell", eliminating the risk of delisting; on the other hand may be interested in a relationship and "distant" steam group, the future does not rule out new capital injection shares, thus restructuring and other industries. FAW Xiali profitability declined again in the evening of August 21st, FAW Xiali announced that sold FAW TOYOTA holds 15% shares at a price of 2 billion 500 million yuan. The "daily economic news" reporter learned that, FAW Xiali move to losses have been to. According to FAW Xiali previously released report, the first half of this year, FAW Xiali loss reached 537 million yuan. The transfer will be held by the 15% FAW TOYOTA stake will Xiali bring about 2 billion 500 million yuan of funds and increase the profits and losses of the current period. The customer service behind the FAW Xiali FAW TOYOTA, still holds 15% stake. In fact, FAW Xiali has been facing the loss of distress. The "daily economic news" reporter learned earlier, due in 2013, 2014 consecutive losses, FAW Xiali stock has faced "delisting" risk, in 2015 through the sale of part of the assets to ease the situation. According to previous reports, 2013 and 2014, FAW Xiali loss of net profit was 480 million yuan and 1 billion 660 million yuan, according to relevant regulations, for 3 consecutive years of losses of listed companies will face delisting warning. In order to change the situation of loss in 2015, FAW Xiali FAW to transfer of shares of the parent company’s internal combustion engine manufacturing branch and transmission company, product development center, get 1 billion 200 million yuan, from a loss of 1 billion 182 million yuan into profit 18 million yuan, temporarily out of danger "delisting". However, this year continued losses, had to let Xiali started selling high-quality assets. According to FAW Xiali prior to the annual report of 2013, FAW TOYOTA, FAW Xiali for profit contribution of 973 million yuan, 429 million yuan in 2014 with 2015, with 484 million yuan, has been one of the important sources of revenue for the FAW xiali. On相关的主题文章: