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Father and son don’t agree dispute father anger car son "the morning I drove accidentally injured his child, why not the insurance company refused to pay?" Yesterday morning, Jiaxing, a member of the public to call the evening news column, the car you and me hotline 82828110 consultation on this matter. In this case, the insurance company will lose money? In this regard, the reporter consulted the evening car consultant group, Jiaxing insurance industry associations and related personnel, ask them to answer this question. False hit son yesterday morning, Mr Leung to find public Nanhu District, his 16 year old son. The father and son because of a disagreement, quarrel soon. The children get off after the departure, anger Liang turned away from the non motor vehicle lane, but accidentally hit a son. The child was knocked down, I was scared to death, and quickly picked up the people rushed to the hospital." Mr Leung said. To the hospital, he found the child injury is not light, his car is badly damaged, it reminds me to call the police. 110 Command Center staff said that the scene is not in the police, traffic police have no need to let yourself go to the traffic police team, mr.. After hanging up the phone, he also call the insurance company, the insurance company who tells him, because the injured is his own child, can not claim. Children spent more than 1000 yuan in the hospital, vehicle loss of $seven thousand or eight thousand, add up to nearly $10 thousand. He is very depressed, when their premium paid a lot, what in this matter the insurance company refused to pay. He is usually the case, social concern "car people mistakenly hit their own compensate", and "the commercial insurance comes into effect at midnight the next day, the car is not on the cards will not claim the accident" has been controversial. However, from July 1, 2016 onwards, the situation has changed. July 1st onwards, the property insurance company in the country to carry out the old and new auto insurance business system switch, the formal implementation of the reform of commercial auto insurance. In June 3rd, Zhejiang Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued the "Zhejiang Province in terms of commercial auto insurance rates management system reform implementation plan", according to the plan, the old and the new insurance business system switching in the province (excluding Ningbo) property insurance company opened, the formal implementation of the reform of commercial auto insurance. How to compensate so, like Mr Leung’s insurance company refused to pay, why? Ding Yuangui, deputy director of the office of the evening car consultant group, Zhejiang Tian Cheng law firm believes that under the framework of the policy, specifically to see the specific provisions of the insurance contract. Jiaxing Insurance Industry Association, a staff member, after the new regulations come out, this situation is not the same as before. However, it depends on the actual situation, (if the owner) is to buy insurance after July, the new insurance terms in the third concept has expanded the scope of the object, the insured’s family is also among them. In the old terms, the family is not within the scope of the third, it can not compensate. After July, the owner of the car accidentally hit his family, the insurance company to pay." In this regard, industry insiders believe that, taking into account the property confusion situation also exists in family members, and driving a motor vehicle intentionally causing injury or death of family members is a crime, will be a criminal.相关的主题文章: