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Stylish positioning of small SUV  Audi Q2 domestic debut — car — September 12 Beijing Xinhua (Tu Qinhan) recently, Audi’s new compact SUV Q2 officially debut in China, the car as early as March of this year’s Geneva auto show has been unveiled, or the future will introduce domestic. Audi’s SUV Q2 as the minimal models, the use of Audi’s new family front face, a large area of the grille made the car domineering. Headlight group using the T font daytime driving lights design. Audi Q2 body size length and width and height are respectively 41901790 1510mm, wheelbase 2600mm, compared with the higher level with models of Audi Q3, although Q2 is in "or" the size decreased significantly, but the wheelbase only 3mm is shortened, the internal space is very rich. Taillights and headlights group, like the use of the T font design, C column is the use of silver material, personalized full. Power, Audi Q2 will be equipped with 1.0TFSI three cylinder engine, the 1.4 2.0TFSI four cylinder engine, maximum power of 116Ps, 150Ps, 190Ps. Transmission will be equipped with 6 speed manual or 7 speed dual clutch gearbox. Comments: Audi Q2 sports fan full, in addition to the personalized style will attract young consumers demand for lighter cars. The car is expected to be formally introduced next year, domestic production, like consumers may wish to wait. (Qin Han, Tu: commissioning editor Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章: