Fashion bloggers fall in favor of denim jeans mkdv-02

Fashion bloggers fall alone pet cowboy wide leg pants lead: still wear baggy pants? This is the year of the tide of a pair of pants, beautiful people have been put on the! (source: Ruili street demonstration network) Yes, this is a slightly flared pants! Fashion bloggers abroad have worn off the street demonstration ~ this is not what we used to see the bell? In fact, there are subtle differences! Street shooting star demonstration with bell bottoms compared to the short pants a small cut! Even if there is no good body proportions, still can show their own taste! Street Snap jeans with flared jeans can demonstrate good modification of the leg, design nine points, showing women’s fine ankles, slim and sexy little. Miss Zhong street demonstration and never worry about will be significantly shorter, exposing the instep can visually elongated body proportion! Jung Soo Yeon Zheng sisters the Korea fashion, have already put on the! Collocation lattice suit, is the most beautiful scenery in the early autumn ~ Song Jia called the best dressed Song Jia, selected is fringed, very sense of design ~ Jiang Shuying Red Queen Jiang Shuying, chic Weila nine pants, fashionable by age, revealing a young fan! Bellbottom street demonstration of these pants, why are there so much charm?! Not only because of its beauty, but also very all-match! Wear wide leg trousers collocation shirt shirt this year, finally has a new partner! Shirt and flared trousers, retro simple, liberal and dignified. Small red shoes to wear bellbottoms collocation to point out of the ordinary, then do some collocation stripes, or elements of the Bohemia shirt. Fringe single product street demonstration jeans with a long coat collocation suit jacket well cut suit, then take a white shirt, highlighting the sense of hierarchy and makes you more big legs! Trousers with high heels to wear if you don’t want to look too formal, can be a collocation of white shoes, casual fan! Supermodel wear sweater collocation autumn demonstration bellbottoms how can less warm all-match sweaters? Supermodel Street knitted sweater collocation day etc. a little cold, you can wear it out loud knitted sweater! Trousers with sneakers and flared pants nine, more a sweater? In late autumn, also can let you out of vitality! Street shooting star who Weila pants significantly shorter? One meter 57 Emma Rorberts, with a short sweater, the proportion is still perfect! Street Based even lazy casual shirt collocation from the closet took out a shirt, with flared pants, fashionable bujianfanzeng!相关的主题文章: