Family members Send 5000 yuan red packets, medical treatment rebate hospitalization expenses receipt cagliari exchange

5000 yuan to send 5000 yuan red envelopes family medical hospitalization fee receipt "rebate" Mr. Ye to the relatives of patients with doctors and nurses, into an admission fee receipt. What’s going on here? 5000 yuan "red envelopes" into hospital expenses November 11th 5 in the afternoon, accompanied by Mr. Ye in the family, 63 year old aunt suffering from senile dementia in Quzhou city third hospital ward two elderly psychiatric care for her very well. The morning of November 14th, Mr. ye came to the hospital again, found in director Zhu Yunlong, gave him two envelopes, one said to the director, a nurse, I hope they usually take care of some of the patients. In any case Zhu Yunlong refused to accept, but Mr. Ye has always put red plug to him, to appease relatives, helpless, Zhu Yunlong had to temporarily. Mr. Ye walked away, Zhu Yunlong opened a red envelope, two red envelopes each have 2500 yuan. Zhu Yunlong told this matter to head nurse Zhang Shouya, two people unanimously decided to send 5000 yuan cash into the patient’s hospitalization expenses. "Hospital treatment itself requires an expenditure, how do we have the heart to receive red packets?"." Zhu Yunlong said. Two people immediately to the toll office, the 5000 yuan cash into aunt Gu hospitalization expenses, and take pictures, WeChat sent to Mr. Ye, asked him to come next time to get receipts. Mr. Ye saw receipts in WeChat, was very moved, praised Zhu Yunlong, and said that their actions make him admire. Doctor benevolence, Qiao also in patients with red saving lives is the doctor’s own work, the common enemy of doctors and patients is a disease, our goal is the same, so red is really not necessary. I insisted on sending it, so I thought of solving it in such a clever way." Zhu Yunlong said. "To tell you the truth, in fact, patients send red packets move to bring us a lot of pressure, we hope that patients and their families do not do this." The head nurse Zhang Shouya said, in the course of treatment, the family trust in medical, actively cooperate with the treatment work, this is the largest of the medical respect and recognition. The red envelope "change" hospitalization fee receipt is a microcosm of the hospital staff consciously resist red packets. In Quzhou hospitals, doctors and nurses received several times a year with "red envelopes", family members or forwarding red envelopes through WeChat, or directly to the red envelopes of cash, of course, medical researchers always reject.

家属送5000元红包 医护“回赠”住院费收据患者亲属叶先生送给医生护士的5000元红包,变成了一张住院缴费收据。这是怎么回事?5000元“红包”变成住院费11月11日下午5点多,在亲属叶先生的陪伴下, 63岁的顾阿姨因患老年痴呆住进衢州市第三医院二病区老年精神科,医护对她非常关照。11月14日上午,叶先生再次来到三院,找到病区主任祝云龙,给了他两个红包,表示一个给主任,一个给护士长,希望他们平时对患者多关照一些。祝云龙无论如何都不肯收,但叶先生却一次次地将红包塞给他,为了安抚亲属,无奈之下,祝云龙只好暂时收下。叶先生走后,祝云龙打开红包一看,两个红包各有2500元。祝云龙将此事告知护士长张守亚,两人一致决定把5000元现金代交入患者的住院费。“住院治疗本身就需要一笔开支,我们怎么忍心收红包。”祝云龙说。两人随即到收费处将这5000元现金交入顾阿姨的住院费中,并拍照微信发给叶先生,嘱咐他下次来拿收据。叶先生在微信中看到了收据,非常感动,向祝云龙发了赞,并表示他们的举动令他钦佩。医者仁心,巧还患者红包“治病救人是医生的本职工作,医生和患者共同的敌人都是疾病,我们的目标都是一致的,所以红包真的没有必要。当时坚持要送,所以我想到用这样一种巧妙的方式来解决。”祝云龙说。“说心里话,其实患者送红包的举动给我们带来了很大的压力,我们希望患者和家属不要这样做。”护士长张守亚表示,在治疗过程中,家属对医护的信任,积极主动地配合治疗工作,这其实就是对医护最大的尊重和肯定。这次红包“变”住院费收据事是该院医护人员自觉抵制红包的一个缩影。在衢州三院,医生护士一年内多次收到患者的“红包”,家属或通过微信转发红包,或直接给现金红包,当然,医护人员们每次都拒收。相关的主题文章: