Express driver for both 11 desperately plug the chassis on both sides have been filled (Figure)-plants war

Drivers for double 11 hard plug chassis was stuffed with goods on both sides (Figure) driver hard plug goods, even the passenger seat and the chassis on both sides is packed. Chongqing evening news 11 came, express freight are busy miserable. The day before yesterday, Chongqing City, two high-speed law enforcement detachment three brigade seized along with driver for double 11 desperately goods loading behavior illegal plug. In the afternoon at 4:50 PM, light truck driver to a toll station in Wuxi Road, the condition caused by the law enforcement team note: Deputy cab and carriage on both sides of the bottom frame (chassis on both sides), the brim full delivery of goods. The face of law enforcement officers asked, to a Zhuaernaosai, bow renzai. Originally, to a light truck from the Kuimen toll station on the road, delivery to Wuxi. Before departure, the car has been loaded with express, but he is not satisfied, but also the cab and the carriage on both sides of the shelf (chassis on both sides) also loaded the goods. Without meeting of law enforcement personnel, but the road was caught in the act. To a violation of the provisions of motor vehicles, was fined 200 yuan, a record of 1 points penalty. Reminder: in order to ensure the goods traffic enforcement departments and road traffic safety, the driver should regulate the load, in order to refrain from a cheap and cause more trouble. Editor: Zheng Hanxing相关的主题文章: