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Expert interview: parents will play with the children, to become friends – Sohu you will not be surprised to find the mother, there is one or several moments in life, suddenly feel not to play the game?! Playing games with the children are the children playing, you can not enter the state to participate in the game?! The game is human nature, but the parents will not play after the adult game, and the game off the connection, the parents disconnect from the game, it means that the child disconnected. How to narrow the distance between you and the child? Today, the Sohu invited to the maternal culture CEO meters chi (chief Entertainment Officer) Ding Weiguo, to share with father and mother, as long as the wake become innocence, will play, but you soon become friends with the children. Current guests: Ding Weiguo, Chi Mi culture CEO, chief Entertainment Officer, Dean of MI game. In 2009 to join the Chinese classic puzzle game board, opened in 2011 Chinese classic puzzle game course in the National Library, established in 2012 in China science and Technology Museum Chinese classic puzzle game experience Museum, 2013 has been focused on the research of the game, the game elements into the life and work, with games to enhance people’s quality of life and quality of life. Has developed a "mother Game Workshop", "play business workshop", to help parents grow more in the game, enhance their ability to play, playing with the children in the establishment of more connections, enhance parent-child well-being. Sohu maternal and child: why mom and dad to play games? Ding Weiguo: Mom and dad will play the game, there are three very important values: many parents with children’s interactive scene is probably his parents, the child is not happy or not happy children; parents happy or unhappy children; parents are not happy. Sometimes parents have some ideas to ask their children to do, but the children do not want to do, both sides are not happy. We look forward to the results of parents happy, happy children. I found a series of changes in some of the father and mother in the mother to carry out after the game workshop, why this change? A lot of parents, especially mothers, have a lot of time and energy into their children after they have a lot of children. But through our game, he was a great joy, a different game to change her different state, she will be very immersed to experience each game, each game will bring her a happy state, probably in peacetime life is not in this state. When she was a great joy, we discovered that her sense of self value enhancement when she has a lot of self-worth had several changes: the value of 1: be responsible for their own lives, and are willing to do some things to make your life to bloom is responsible for his own life, she would give the children leave space. Parents have more discipline more looking forward to children before, they want their children to become they want and expect to be, when this concept change, mother has the power to allow themselves to be to become the state, pay more for their own things, enhance the sense of self value,.相关的主题文章: