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Exclusive: Alyssa Chia and venus! See complete oral supernatural events! Sohu exclusive footage! Click on the video to Venus and Alyssa Chia about the complete version of the ghost story yesterday after the dinner guest Venus, sister Kim article push out the background of the message burst, a lot of wonderful message, can not put out (sorry, because only 100 selected message). So here today chose some of them to share with you to PART 1 ghosts stories about the message first, is the ghost story about last night in the "golden sister dinner" in the sense of temptation, the full version of the end that ghost stories, in the form of exclusive footage, in the East seven WeChat public number to egg release form — eggs not timely results over the trial, so could not last night time released, no surprise face, so in the background reply nearly reader say: Well, when will die, received this message, the heart is frozen chicken: young man, I appreciate you! In a similar following this reply, especially shows you how eagerly, hoping to see the dinner "temptation" tidbits here said, we understand very disappointed, angry and curious: among them, the children’s shoes, showing her unusual courage: see you so love us show, I really tears… However, in fact, this is actually the same as the younger sister, it is easy to get things, we have seen too much to forget, after waiting, perhaps it is more attractive When the hearts of hope: colleagues can through "the message" to order ", let the egg second days commissioning editor" to smooth over the trial. Results after half an hour, we got a video Tencent over egg – – trial again face… But it seems that everyone is working overtime… Still moved… Then, quickly below most high praise message reply: (by the way, the head of children’s shoes, you expose your hobby) thought that we finally see a ghost story, you can go to sleep, but did not think that this is not a wise choice — (say late Happy birthday (Sydney), too far, I can not afford to lose…) I’m sorry… Harm you dare not sleep on it, but also harm you dare not go to the toilet… I can do for you, just give a friendship here, hope it helps:, in addition, the children’s shoes, you said it right: the story of Venus "in Zhang Yuan’s documentary," Miss Venus inside said: (please don’t reply with "ghost" in the message, reply is ~ in the east the seven door WeChat public number) have seen the documentary, it seems a lot of Oh ~ PART 2 article message yesterday’s article some long, the result would be to pick two typos, thank you very much ~ (here is not released by the message pointed out typos. ~相关的主题文章: