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[engage in machine old article] old driver kneeling clothes! BMW’s new 7 series actually have so many black science and technology engage in machine outside article: the old driver kneeling! The new BMW 7 series have so much black technology Tencent digital news (Zhong Wenze) new BMW 7 series you have seen in the street, is that this business is a masterful car, and not related to the technology and equipment of this? You are wrong! Said the new BMW 7 series is currently one of the highest production vehicle technology content of one of the models, not too much. If you have the opportunity to open an open, sit, you immediately know your mistake, even just looking at the car keys, can immediately be charmed ~ in this period in the video you can see that BMW is how to put the car keys to do like a small mobile phone, that can be more powerful than Tesla the club is simply up sister artifact. Your gestures are rare on the mobile phone, BMW has been playing even custom it can recite fluently from memory. Ordinary reversing image in front of the new BMW 7 series is slag, holographic images of 360 degrees, the camera will actually follow the steering wheel. Luxury rear seat actually have a tablet PC, used to give your boss control everything, grasp the overall situation, the command of life…… Then, the Internet can be directly driving the car on the screen cast QQ music, good use of crying, better than the biological. Well, how the teacher pretended to clock Wenze old driver, also with reversing experience, laughs相关的主题文章: