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Advertising This is no denying it: Employees appreciate being recognized when they perform their duties well, and when that happens it helps to motivate more of the same good work. An employee recognition program could be implemented in any number of ways, but the important thing is to ensure that your .pany has one, in this day & age. Done properly, it can motivate workers to achieve goals and inspire loyalty. .panies that formerly overlooked such programs and then introduce one, often report a very sharp increase in productivity, as well as morale. Recognition awards may be structured and expected, as in, employee of the month; but if you do not include random awards that are totally unexpected, you will probably devalue the regular awards. When a .pany provides unexpected, random awards, all the awards are viewed as important, as opposed to, just something the .pany thinks it has to do. And, when employees discover that a particular project performance or good week may generate recognition, productivity tends to skyrocket. Do the same hand full of employees usually get the monthly award? It can be seen as favoritism, even if it is not. Or do workers get it who don’t really deserve it, just to spread it out? It will be perceived as the, "It’s My Time To Get It, " award. Random awards can be helpful, because you can give it to a worker who had a strong showing even though she has yet to deserve the monthly award. That signals that awards are genuine, valued rewards for performance, and it could inspire her to see herself as a monthly award winner. Allowing the workers to vote on the expected awards can help give them value. You can also let customers to be a part of it, by providing discounts for filling out a survey. Some business let workers vote for the managers they believe is performing the best. And there are .panies that have an award that is almost like hockey’s Stanley Cup, in tat the worker holds on to it just for a time. She then will decide who gets it next, and present it and tells everyone why, at the up.ing monthly or weekly meeting. If you have not seen employee recognition awards lately, you are in for a great surprise. Gone are the days where the only choice was a wood plaque. Nowadays they can look like beautiful sculptures, in all kinds of shapes, colors, weight and sizes. Some are .pletely see through. They may be made of marble, glass, crystal, Lucite and acrylic, metal or wood. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: