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Elders love to talk about the way to stop the baby snacks – Sohu maternal and child two generations of parenting ideas are different, the problem is very prone to conflict in the baby. Snacks, for example, is not a big deal, but on the child, it becomes a big problem. In the baby to eat snacks on this issue, many parents have encountered trouble, the elderly love the baby from time to time to give snacks, but parents do not think it is conducive to the health of the baby. This problem can be resolved how often without harming the feelings of each other? Today we share PCbaby Baoma, provides a very good experience, and listen to how she did the old man! Let me love my Qin Xiaobao in a dilemma especially lovely, especially grandma and grandpa, Chongni to touch point can not wait for the old life, I gave it to him. This also has trouble ah, curious to see the baby to eat adults also want to go out to play the old love to go to the store to buy snacks to eat. But the key is that there is something about baby can not eat, for example, my grandfather used to send wine Deep-Fried Peanuts, little brother next door to eat jelly, are not healthy food, also may be at risk at any time. In desperation, I can not help but blame the two old words, but grandma grandpa aggrieved expression but let me not to pursue. Yes, grandma grandpa is not love baby, how can I hurt the old man’s heart! But those who do not fit the baby to eat snacks, can solve the dilemma, a coup? Is this thing, my husband and I talk for a long time, finally we develop this processing method: 1, a family what is not meeting face-to-face conversation is more efficient, so we held a family meeting, the theme of the conference is Qin Xiaobao’s choice of snacks. At the meeting, we are sure that two of the elderly are the baby’s pay and love, but also stated our position, I hope the baby can have a healthy body, reduce the consumption of unhealthy food. For the choice of food, we explain and explain one by one, to explain why some foods can not give the baby to eat, eat what will happen. The old people know the whole story, nature also can understand us, and cooperate with us. Of course, the elderly are not easily persuaded, so the attitude must be humble, spend several times more patience to explain, let them do so by reasoning. The meeting, we had a full three hours before the end of the period to drink N cups of tea. Fortunately, the results are satisfactory, the elderly are verbally expressed support for our work. 2, the list of design drawing snacks husband this time to play a major role in the use of his spare time, according to the list of my list of all baby snacks, making small illustrated posters, maps with the name of food food, to eat, can not eat the standard red black, the old man at a glance. With this reference map, the elderly will know how to choose healthy snacks for baby. At the same time, I also found this small posters and use that is contrary to expectation, as the baby early education for baby can learn from that, to distinguish the color, shape, now, he know that jelly is NO- shake.相关的主题文章: