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Marketing If you are manufacturing supervisor, production engineer, head of any industry then you have always a question that how you can check entire procedure and quality of your products. Present days, there is many modification of happened within the developing different types of testing machines and tools which are used to measure the efficiency and quality of products. There are various type of test machine and testing instruments are available in the market which helps you to carry out successful production. Some equipment is used in laboratories also. Snap Button Pullout Tester, Rheo Meter and Microprocessor are testing machines and equipments. There are wide scopes of Snap Button Pullout Tester. The testing method of it covers a uniform force required to pull a snap attachment perpendicular to the garment. But it does not separate snap attachment from the garments. For establishing connection to wear conditions and for .paring different brands and types of snap fasteners, this method is used. Textile industry has many testing equipments for different type of tenting. Microprocessor is one of them which are used to check colorfastness of textiles against sunlight. A Rheo Meter is a laboratory equipment that is used to measure the way in which a liquid, suspension or slurry flows in response to applied forces. It is produced with latest technology and .puterized automatic machine that is used to those fluids which can not be defined by a single value of Vis.eter and so there is requirement of more parameter to be set and measured than is the case of vis.eter. Rheo Meter is used to measure rheology of the fluid. There are two different types of Rheo Meter; these are used to measure in different condition. Shear rheo meter is a type of rheo meter which controls the applied shear stress or shear strain. This is also known as rotational rheo meter. While Extensional rheo meter is used when extensional stress and extensional strain are applied. These rheo meters can be used easily because these are controlled with a .puter. Advance rheo meter gives out put as color printout and multiple color coded graphs for easy separation of batches. For investigation of flow characteristics we have used a modern control stress / strain rate rheo meter. A big feature these rheo meters is that it can .pute data as statically. It has fast data recovery and provides automatic .putation of results at the end of test sequence. Snap Button Pullout Tester, Rheo Meter and Microprocessor are testing machines and instruments. These are made with high quality of raw materials and through latest technology, these help to check of product’s quality. In market, there are many manufacturers who provide these testing equipments in qualitative manners at reasonable cost. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: