Eating the old man and his girlfriend living together his daughter threw his father only to 500 yuan-iptd-651

Eating the old man and his girlfriend living together his daughter threw his father only to 500 yuan per month on November 1st Fuzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Ceng Jianbing Zhou Yining) recently, Aoyibo early in the morning to the Gulou District Justice Bureau of justice street, excitedly holding a mediator telling his son to his troubled life. The 40 year old a divorced 8 years ago, my father is not allowed and not according to the Ao Bo for its help with current girlfriend marriage with his girlfriend in the outer house, and his ex-wife and daughter threw his father to take care of, only a month to 500 yuan alimony to his father. Plus a few years ago was dismissed by the unit, suspected of harassment to his father, the father and son to further deepen the contradiction. That his father sold the old house, also asked his father to give money, or the Jinan District property transfer to him. Due to the lack of consensus, the tension between the two sides. That father and son grievances after the mediator told Ao, according to the "security law" People’s Republic of China twenty-second stipulates the rights and interests of the elderly, the elderly of personal property, possession, use, income and disposition rights according to law, children or other relatives may not interfere, not to steal, cheat, extort etc. infringement of elderly the property rights and interests, a right distribution of their father’s property. Through the ideological education and legal mediators patiently explain, Ao finally realized his mistake, agreed not to harass the father. Our case dotting the parents give the child’s help in the material and spiritual, generally only "sacrifice", rarely return". For example, to help the elderly with children, interfere with the allocation of property, such as the elderly, in fact, is eating the old behavior, this neet is not material, but bite is the energy and time of the elderly. In this case, the son’s marriage has been asked to help his father, because his father did not help, causing tension between father and son, a contradiction. Mediators were on the parties to interpret the law, so that his son to change the concept of father and son relationship has finally eased.相关的主题文章: