Duthel Te I don’t want people to see through the time-jiqingwuyuetian

Duthel Te: I won’t let time to work with the people through the mind map: Philippines President Duthel Te Taiwan "Central News Agency" said in October 28th, Philippines’s president Duthel Te said today that he will not work with the opportunity, let people see the mind, because it has gaotou. Duthel Te 27, the end of visit to Japan, returned to his hometown of Davao city. He heard the voice of God in the flight, warned him to stop swearing match to let him crash, otherwise, "so, I promise to God, no longer speak slang, obscenity etc.." Asked a reporter held in Davao City to the press conference, no longer soared swearing commitment is real? Duthel Te response, all things have its timing, there is a curse of the timing, there is no time to scold. He added, "I don’t want to be seen through the mind, because I can’t use it. Everything has to be calibrated, and everything has its time". Reported that Duthel Te and affinity, diplomatic language and sometimes soared swearing, often conflicting, is guessing, scolding the United States, Japan and the Chinese he visit with him today it is particularly intriguing.相关的主题文章: