Driven by the anxiety of the middle class to buy real estate investors quietly layout

Driven by the anxiety of the middle class to buy real estate investors are quietly layout entity Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In the middle of anxiety driven by sales and purchases of real estate, these investors are quietly layout of real economy future Gao Yang, Li Si in 2017, if you want to choose a runway to investment or business, how would you choose. Internet, video, artificial intelligence, robotics, VR (virtual reality), or other very fashionable areas? If the wrong note, the consequences will be very serious. Wu Shichun said, a lot of new film company works even a fraction of the investment return; AR (augmented reality) and VR have not seen the good realization mode. Wu Shichun is one of the most successful investor Chinese, he had cast a number of thousands of times the income of the case. According to our research, consumer upgrades, artificial intelligence, industrial automation, big data, business services, industrial interconnection, health care and other areas may still be the best option. Investors in our research may be next year in these areas. Sequoia Capital is an option to upgrade consumption. Sequoia China managing director Guo Shanshan said, in the sea Amoy purchasing, designer brands, accommodation, private kitchens and farms, pet food supplies and pension market may develop the next hot spot. Hard science and technology innovation, such as: artificial intelligence and big data field. Investors are also concerned about the vertical field of model innovation, such as: Internet agricultural projects, B2B, mobile sea. Last week, we investigated more than and 10 active investors, in order to be able to picture painted in 2017. The research found that the bubble burst and the rising of the O2O field showing signs of overheating, especially in the electricity supplier in the field of vertical segments appeared a great bubble; the field of the Internet industry was overvalued; in the education and health of this kind of anti periodic field, due to the pursuit of money also has some foam; some of the entertainment industry segments of bubble film making, especially not to be optimistic; in addition, the popular VR and AR is realized model is not clear. O2O brings convenience worthy of recognition, but there has been a large number of pseudo demand, low-frequency demand in the field of the company. After the burn subsidies, these companies are unable to retain users, but also can not afford the high cost, eventually become cannon fodder. In the O2O car as an example, to wash the car service for the automotive after market entry is a very good story, but the end result deviates from the business nature of flawed and non operating poor gradually withdraw from public view. Earlier, hear about O2O discussion can be everywhere in the cafes of Zhongguancun in Beijing, and was accompanied by a large number of O2O projects stranded halfway. However, some investors believe that the O2O market from the demand point of view, the overall health. There are some pseudo demand entrepreneurship, but the proportion is not large. Problems in the overall valuation of the high, low threshold, resulting in a poor competitive landscape, the result is difficult to make money. Sequoia China managing director Guo Shanshan said, to a certain extent, entrepreneurial team theory相关的主题文章: