Don’t waste a magical Taomi Shui-misao

Don’t waste washing water have magical Taomi Shui don’t waste a magical Taomi, then pour the rice water? Oh, really very wasteful! In fact, seemingly useless rice water use but very much! Reduce the smell of fish flavor ingredients, such as seafood, beef and mutton, with rice soaked in water can easily remove the smell of cooking, taste more delicious.   1 salted fish, rinse with water.   2 rice water poured into the pot, add 50 grams of edible trona, stir well.   3 in salted fish, not into the rice washing water, soak for 3 hours, and then direct cooking. The dishes to the oil washing water heated, cleaning ability is very strong. This is because the washing water of rice starch and modified starch modified, has good lipophilicity and hydrophilicity, can easily adsorb oil, so it is the most environmentally friendly kitchen cleaner.   1 pot into the rice water, lit and heated to 50 DEG C.   2 off the fire will be stained with oil rice dishes in the water for 10 minutes.   3 with rice water dishes, and finally rinse the dishes. The smell of smell in the kitchen chopping board to board with a long time will have a bad. Especially the kind of long-term, cut to cut the meat or fish, often cooked mixed boards, the taste will be more difficult to remove. Wash with Taomi Shui can easily remove the odor.   1 boards will put Taomi Shui soak for 10 minutes.   2 in the board, sprinkle some salt, with a clean cloth swab repeatedly.   3 with the Tao Mishui boards, and finally washed with water. Quick soak dried seaweed, edible fungus, dry cargo, sea cucumber, squid and other dry cargo of the bubble is very exquisite. Use plain water usually takes a long time to bubble, if the bubble hair with rice that can not only quickly soaked, also easier to wash and cook.   1 the carrot into the pot, add water (not a carrot 3 cm) and a little alkali boil.   2 off the fire, let the carrot soak for 15 minutes remove and rinse in water.   3 in the rice water for 3 hours.相关的主题文章: