Don’t do 4 ephemeral things on your way to work, and you do it every day

On the way to work. Don’t do 4 things every day short-lived while you do a lot of work because of the tight schedule, chose to take breakfast to eat while walking, as everyone knows, this breakfast will give the stomach trouble, in addition to this, on the road to see the car like mobile phone, nap and so on are also on the road trip on the health of the thing, look at how to correct. While walking to eat gastrointestinal burden, focus on the road to buy some breakfast, all the way to eat, go to the unit, almost delicious finished. This kind of breakfast seems to bring trouble to the gastrointestinal tract. Navy General Hospital Department of hepatobiliary surgery director Qiu Baoan often told young people in the admissions, gastrointestinal disease is a cumulative process, you think a week to eat a few meals, such a breakfast is nothing, in the long run, the burden of the gastrointestinal tract is not small. Because walking and eating cold wind and dust will be directly poured into his mouth, and will affect the secretion of saliva, blood and limbs is to flow into the digestive system is very few, so the burden of the gastrointestinal tract is very heavy, can lead to dysfunction induced by functional lesions, such as intestinal polyps. Breakfast to eat slowly, only to help the digestive tract, take ten minutes in the morning, it is best to drink a cup of warm drinks, warm water or soy milk, milk and so on, to help the gastrointestinal tract "wake up", more conducive to digestion of food. Look at the eyes of the involvement of mobile phone on the way to work, subway, bus, looked up, more than half of the people are playing mobile phone, the Armed Police General Hospital lacrimal disease center director Tao Hai said. Eyes staring at the shaking screen, the font is small, the focus is not correct, it will constantly adjust, artificially aggravating the burden of the eyes. Maybe you don’t feel, you can test yourself, suddenly look up to see the distance, there will be one to two seconds of blurred vision, and then to see clearly, this is visual fatigue, until the eyes redness, discomfort even heavier. The office worker should stare at the computer when they arrive at the unit. In fact, they should pay attention to their eyes while they are on duty. If you take a bus, you may as well look out of the window. The trees are sprouting in the early spring, and the light green is good for the eyes. You can walk around the eye and blink your eyes while you’re on the subway. Wearing masks is not susceptible to infection in the throat, Sun Shuchen, director of Department of ENT, Guanganmen Hospital of Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), also found in outpatient clinic, recently, a lot of office workers in pharyngitis, which is related to the environment on their way to work. Because the recent climate repeated, bloom, pollen concentration is high, itself is a high incidence of respiratory diseases and pharyngitis, dirty air even worse. For the office workers, the airtight subway carriage is actually the hardest hit area of air pollution, the peak of work is too crowded, and the face to face breathing, coupled with sweat, smell, the air can not breathe. To deal with the haze weather, many people will wear masks, the subway is also a good way to wear masks in place, especially the nose position, if slack, dirty air or into the nasal cavity and pharynx, making it susceptible to infection. In addition, Dr. Sun Shuchen looked at the subway, most people "will not cough", anxious. In fact, this is one of the important links to prevent respiratory tract infection and throat infection. If you feel itchy throat, cough or "clean your throat" in the crowded places like the subway, you must use your arm to prevent the bacteria from blowing out

上班路上别做4件短命事 而你却在天天做很多上班族因为时间紧,都选择带着早餐边吃边走,殊不知,这种吃早饭的方法会给肠胃带来麻烦,除了这一点,像路上看手机、车上打盹等等也都是上班路上伤健康的事儿,快看看怎么来纠正吧。边走边吃胃肠负担重在路边买些早点,一路走一路吃,走到单位时差不多刚好吃完。这种看似省时间的早餐,会给胃肠道带来麻烦。海军总医院肝胆外科主任邱宝安在接诊时经常这样告诉年轻人,胃肠道病变是个日积月累的过程,你自己觉得一周吃几顿这样的早餐没啥,长此以往,胃肠道的负担就不小了。因为边走边吃冷风和灰尘会直接灌进嘴里,而且会影响唾液的分泌,同时血液是往四肢流,进入消化系统就很少,这样胃肠道的负担很重,会导致功能紊乱,诱发功能性病变,如肠道息肉等。早餐要慢慢吃,才对消化道有帮助,早上抽出十分钟,最好先喝杯温热的饮品,温开水或豆浆、牛奶之类,帮助胃肠道“醒醒”,更有利于食物的消化。看手机眼睛最受累上班途中,公交地铁里,抬眼望去,一多半的人都在玩手机,武警总医院眼科泪器病中心主任陶海说。眼睛盯着晃动的屏幕,字体又小,对焦对不准,就 要不停 地调节,人为加重眼睛的负担。可能你没有感觉,可以自己测试一下,突然抬头看远处,会出现一到两秒的视力模糊,然后才能看清楚,这就是视疲劳了,等到眼睛 发红、不舒服就算加重了。上班族一到单位就要盯着电脑,其实应该趁着上班途中给眼睛减负,如果坐公交,不妨看看窗外的景色,初春树木发芽,淡淡的绿色对眼睛很有好处。坐地铁时可以转转眼球、眨眨眼睛。口罩戴不对咽部易感染中国中医科学院广安门医院耳鼻喉科孙书臣主任医师在门诊也发现,最近来看咽炎的上班族不少,这跟他们上班路上的环境也有关系。因为最近气候反复,花开了,花粉浓度高,本身就是呼吸道疾病和咽炎的高发期,污浊的空气更是雪上加霜了。而对于上班族来说,密闭的地铁车厢其实是空气污染的重灾区,上班高峰拥挤得快要脸对脸呼吸了,再加上汗味、体味,那个空气没法呼吸。对付雾霾天气,不少人会戴口罩,乘坐地铁这也是个好办法,口罩要戴得到位,特别是鼻翼的部位,如果松松垮垮,污浊的空气还是会钻进鼻腔和咽部,使其易受感染。另外,孙书臣医生看着地铁里多数人都“不会咳嗽”,挺着急的。其实,这是预防呼吸道和咽部感染的重要环节之一。如果在地铁等拥挤的地方感觉嗓子干痒,想咳嗽或“清嗓子”,一定要用胳膊弯挡一下,不至于让呼出的细菌一下子喷到别人脸上。车上打盹颈椎易受伤“如果按照汽车每小时100公里的速度行驶,当遭遇急刹车时,颈椎承受的力量会达到30公斤以上,虽然看起来不大,却已经足够摧毁脆弱的颈椎了。”杭州学军中学物理老师毛老师在接受当地媒体采访时这样打比方。上班时如果在车上打个盹,遇到车厢晃动或急刹车等突然情况,清醒时肌肉是紧张状态,能马上反应。但睡得迷迷糊糊,颈椎周围的肌肉 完全松弛,特别是车速比较快的时候,脖子与头部就像鞭子一样甩出去,很容易颈椎错位,对于这种损伤,医学上有个词叫“挥鞭样损伤”。困,也要坚持在车上不睡,活动活动身体,打个哈欠,想想今天的工作,晚上吃什么美食,总之要让大脑运转起来。春困是由于大脑暂时缺氧所致,上班前在阳台多做深呼吸,伸伸胳膊踢踢腿,都是增加大脑氧供的好办法。(健康时报)相关的主题文章: