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"Domestic trouble and foreign invasion forced ST Hua Ze transformation intends to inject high quality assets and stable performance of hot money flows thousands of thousands of column rating stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you to make you take the can make you my net loss caused by difficult to achieve performance commitments you occupy huge capital shareholders, company executives followed an investigation by the Commission, ST Hua Ze (000693, SZ) this year as the storm continued. The day before, is in the suspension period ST Hua Ze again received the Shenzhen letter of inquiry, the controlling shareholder fails to fulfill the long-term performance compensation responsibility problems such as key information. Previously, due to the continued decline in nickel prices, resulting in a loss of 155 million yuan in 2015, the company can not fulfill the performance commitments, the majority shareholder of the occupation of $1 billion 497 million of funds issued by the audit opinion audit opinion. The latest announcement ST Hua Ze response, which has been invigorated by land resources and the transfer of the company’s stake in the way to repay the occupation of listed companies funds. It is understood that the majority of shareholders to revitalize the assets of 1 billion 500 million yuan to raise funds to solve the problem of capital occupation, and to inject quality assets ST Hua Ze, in order to protect its long-term development. At the same time, the nickel price stumble endlessly and worry, and many of the above in patients, ST Hua Ze has been considering the transformation and upgrading, improve the industrial chain to get rid of the plight of the industry. A project of Qinzhou port, the layout of nickel alloy new materials, the project is expected to completed the annual income of over ten billion yuan; two, according to the national innovation policy, cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences new material project, the transition to high nickel battery materials three yuan. At the same time, Qinghai Yuanshishan project of precise poverty alleviation, urged local residents employment. Nickel prices fell to performance commitments fall Daobi "Hua Ze nickel", the rebirth of ST Hua Ze backdoor listing of the road is not smooth, since 2013 the backdoor to suspend the listing of more than 5 years since *ST Baidu will encounter, nickel prices fell, leading the company in a loss of performance, not complete performance commitments. In 2013, *ST Baidu increased 350 million shares 100% stake in Shaanxi Hua Ze, Shaanxi Hua Ze to complete the listing. At that time, given the performance commitment is, Shaanxi Hua Ze 2013~2015 net profit of not less than 188 million yuan, $209 million, $222 million. However, due to encounter the nickel prices continued downward, ST Hua Ze three years high performance broken promises, needs the compensation case. 2013 ST Hua Yuan profit of 108 million yuan, with a commitment of a difference of $80 million, the majority of shareholders need to compensate the name of the shares of 45 million 219 thousand shares. 2014 performance commitments without compensation. 2015 is a year when a nickel, nickel prices from the beginning of the year fell to 120 thousand tons by the end of 62 thousand tons, the price for 13 years. Nickel prices plummeted at the bottom, coupled with ST Hua Ze 2015 annual report disclosure, the company in the year the cost is too high, resulting in a huge loss of $155 million company. However, ST Hua Ze loss is not isolated cases, in fact involved nickel prices fell, the industry generally loss, the days are not better than nickel. Contrast theory相关的主题文章: