Do you know that dormant credit cards may affect your credit history sexinse

Do you know the dormant credit card may affect more and more credit records [Abstract] you now young people use mobile phone payment, such as payment in the mobile phone directly bind a debit card, while others are using Alipay like credit payment to spend it now… Young people using a mobile phone to pay more and more, such as payment in mobile phone directly bound debit cards, while others are using Alipay to spend like credit to pay. However, the credit cards you’ve done before, and you have more than one card, and some of them are not active, these dormant cards may affect your credit record. According to the wealth management institutions Richwood Reed financial planner introduction, the recent public Liu would like to do a new credit card, can apply for materials over several times are not passed, so he wanted to know the reason, you find the bank to understand the situation. The bank’s response was that Mr. Liu had a credit card before and had a bad record. According to Mr. Liu, a credit card was used before, but it was not activated. In this regard, the bank’s explanation is that, although not activated, but the credit card produced an annual fee, resulting in arrears of cards, so there will be bad records. For credit cards and debit cards (that is, savings cards), the consequences of the two cards sleep are quite different. Although some debit cards will charge an annual fee or small account management fees, but once the balance of dormant accounts is insufficient to pay the annual fee, after more than a certain period of time, the bank will automatically cancel the arrears status, so sleep will not affect the personal credit. And credit card is different, no activation, dormant credit card may also generate annual fee, and the cardholder does not pay overdue, it may form a bad credit record. Statistics show that from 2011 to 2014, the credit card live card rate was 53.3%, 56.1%, 57.8% and 58.7%, for four consecutive years lower than the pass line, that is to say, the bank issued more than 40% cards have become waste cards. Richwood Reed said financial planner, although no annual fee is now the credit card marketing activities, one often do publicity, some banks do choose to give the customer opened free for the first year fee preferential policies in second years to start charging, and the cardholder through the credit card in the future with a certain number of times or is full a certain amount of money to relief. It is because of this, the annual fee of these credit cards is often ignored by cardholders. Once the card is idle and dormant, after the balance has been deducted, the issue of the annual fee can still be reported as a bad record. Therefore, it is recommended that there is no credit card, and relates to the annual fee, it is recommended to check the status of the credit card, in order to deal with timely, eliminate the bad credit hidden trouble

你知道吗休眠信用卡可能会影响到你的信用记录 [摘要]现在年轻人用手机支付的越来越多,比如在手机直接绑定了借记卡来支付,而有的则是用支付宝花呗之类的信用来支付…现在年轻人用手机支付的越来越多,比如在手机直接绑定了借记卡来支付,而有的则是用支付宝花呗之类的信用来支付。不过,你之前已办过的信用卡,而且还一次办了多张的,其中一些还没有激活的,这些休眠的卡可能会影响你的信用记录。据财富管理机构嘉丰瑞德的理财师介绍,最近有市民刘先生想办一张新的信用卡,可在申领材料上交了好几次都没有通过,于是他想知道原因,就找到银行了解情况。银行方面的答复是,刘先生以前办过一张信用卡产生了不良记录。据刘先生回忆,以前是办过一张信用卡,可并没有激活。对此,银行方面的解释是,虽然没有激活,但是信用卡产生了年费,造成卡的欠费,所以才会有不良记录。对于信用卡和借记卡(就是储蓄卡),两种卡休眠产生的后果是截然不同的。虽然部分借记卡都会收取一定的年费或者小额账户管理费,可一旦休眠账户的余额不足以缴纳年费时,超过一定期限后,银行会自动注销欠费状态,因此休眠不会影响到个人信用。而信用卡则不同,没有激活、休眠的信用卡也可能产生年费,并且持卡人逾期不缴费则可能会形成不良信用记录。有统计数据揭示,从2011至2014年,信用卡活卡率分别为53.3%、56.1%、57.8%和58.7%,连续四年低于及格线,也就是说,银行发出的卡有超过四成变成了废卡。嘉丰瑞德理财师表示,虽说免年费也是现在办信用卡的营销活动时,常常做的宣传点之一,一部分银行也确实选择给客户开通免首年年费的优惠政策,在第二年才开始收费,并且持卡人今后可通过刷卡满一定次数或是满一定金额来减免。也正是因为此,这些信用卡的年费问题常常被持卡人所忽略。一旦卡处于闲置休眠状态,里面的余额扣除完之后,卡欠年费的问题仍可能被上报成不良记录。故建议有不用的信用卡的,且涉及到年费的,建议还是要自查一下信用卡的状态,以便及时处理,消除不良信用隐患相关的主题文章: