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Do these three removing toxins   detoxification diet to avoid 3 errors – Fashion – original title: do these three removing toxins detoxification diet to avoid 3 errors during what to eat not fat diet, the National Day holiday, tourism, shopping is very easy to eat lots of high calorie rich food, this time most should detoxification. So what are detox diet recipes? Want to avoid after three pounds of fat, food need to notice. In fact, the so-called "poison", according to the Chinese saying that the residual stool in the intestine. White collar gens may wish to try these methods, as soon as possible to exclude the body of poison: do these three points out of the body of the poison, a diet detox. Eat more roughage food and fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkin, potato, corn, oats, celery, leeks, spinach, bananas and persimmons. Two, exercise detoxification. 30 minutes a day to go, do a set of Aerobics best every day, help the body to promote the body of waste The new supersedes the old., completely released through sweat and defecation. Three, massage detoxification. Under the navel with the palm of the hand massage 50 times, and then counterclockwise massage under the 50, sooner or later each time, it is recommended to use the palm massage. Weight loss and detoxification to avoid these mistakes: the metabolism will increase with age and with the increase of age, most of the body weight will increase. Many people attribute this to a reduction in the rate of metabolism, but this is usually because they reduce the number or intensity of exercise and reduce the amount of energy consumed per day. The reduction of exercise also brings about a decrease in muscle mass and a decrease in lean body mass, which directly leads to a reduction in metabolic rate and weight gain. This phenomenon is not irreversible. The cardiopulmonary exercise to consume calories to maintain or increase muscle strength training, these are the best age to prevent weight gain method. Myth two: metabolism is natural, no legal person to change some people always seem to eat, but is not fat. One of the most important reasons may be that they choose healthier, lower calorie foods. These "lucky" mostly consume more calories every day, it is likely that they will soon sit, often walk around, stand up and do some stretching exercises, and colleagues face to face communication rather than sending e-mail. So, once you’ve made up your mind to promote your metabolism by increasing your muscles, do you have to walk a lot every day?. Misunderstanding three: night becomes slow after a The new supersedes the old. people no longer time after eating weight decrease completely because they reduced the total calorie intake, but not for their sake in calories. The amount of calories you take in the dark before the day is not going to increase the rate of weight loss unless it is less than what you need. (Ke Li Meng, commissioning editor: car?)相关的主题文章: