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Do not pinch your nose, it will affect his health! Sohu – maternal mothers often do: baby nose and collapse and flat, pinch, may be able to stand up; the baby is very naughty, pinched nose, and a baby; do not take medicine, pinch the nose, fill in. Pinch the baby’s nose, adults often do little action to children. However, whether you carefully look at these practices is feasible? Whether it will bring bad influence to the baby? Do you often hold a baby’s nose to make your nose stand? Everyone has the heart of beauty, all the mothers hope the baby grow up. The nose is at the center of our face, the nose can greatly enhance the beauty of the whole. Mothers are always envious of the foreigner’s nose, nose and high star, straight, very beautiful. So, sometimes want to let the baby have a nose. "Baby baby nose flat, often squeezed, the nose will be quite long." This is our traditional idea. In this regard, many parents also believe that the baby is still immature in infancy, it is possible to adjust its growth by pinching the nose. However, Xiaobian remind you that this will not only do not play a role, but also harm the baby’s health oh. Pinch let nose change quite there is no scientific basis for early infant weight growth is the fastest, most obvious in this stage of the flat nose and eyes wide spacing characteristics. When the baby before the skull at the age of 1 to 1.5 years after the closure, bone and nasal bone began to accelerate growth, the nose will slowly grow, change will continue development of nasal bones after puberty will become mature. The nose is determined by genetic factors, growth, nutrition, nasal trauma and other factors of early decision, at present there is no exact scientific basis confirmed that often mention pinching nasal can let nose change quite, pinching the bridge of the nose only adults psychological factors at work for the baby, do not have any practical effect. The nasal mucosa delicate pinch nose nasal mucosa damage children baby, to baby if improper pinch nose, but easy to damage the nasal mucosa of children. Children with nasal shorter than adults, no hair, after rhinostenosis, nasal bone cartilage, nasal mucosa delicate, rich in blood vessels. Often pinch the nose of children, will affect the child’s breathing. In particular, the force is too large or hard at that time, it is likely to damage the nasal mucosa, blood vessels, leading to inflammatory response. In addition, it will reduce the nasal defense function, vulnerable to bacterial and viral infection and disease. Therefore, the child’s nose is not casually pinch. Pinch nose easy to cause otitis media nose is not only the body and the outside world of the "portal", but also the main channel of the baby breathing. It can not only filter the wetting and breathe air, can stop the invasion of bacteria. The baby is the eustachian tube is thick and short, straight, position lower than the adults, chaos pinch nose will make nasal secretions and bacteria through the ear and throat diameter into the middle ear, caused by otitis media. The baby’s nose, this action is simple and fun, has become a habit of many parents. But after reading this article, I hope that the concept of parents can be changed, do not underestimate this small action may bring negative to the baby相关的主题文章: