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Do not pay attention to 8 things, the baby will grow more stupid! Sohu mother in the baby’s growing up, take care of the baby is absolutely not the mother thing, if the baby is growing up in the lack of love in the environment, when they grow up must have a lot of adaptability, even stupid! Today, I recommend my father can do 8 things in my daily life, my father to learn oh. 1, squeeze time to talk with the baby in the daily life, the father and the baby all the talk will be possible for the baby to learn to lay a solid foundation for the future. Because when the baby hears more and more words, the function of the language in his brain will be developed and trained. So in the case of permission, the father as much as possible to speak with the baby, reading or singing, etc.. In the beginning, you can simply read a simple picture books for the baby when the baby is growing, you can read the story to encourage him to participate, let him follow you repeated tone words, slowly, he would like to do so. 2, do not scold baby not every baby is the one and only, have their own temperament, have their own different growth speed. So, don’t grumble as Dad baby is not, do not take their baby and more than. Some parents like to compare who’s cute baby, who’s the baby grow tall and the like. This approach will have a negative impact on the baby. As a parent, you should give your baby a unique encouragement, you will see the baby can really do a good job. In general, the more sensitive to the baby’s parents will help the baby to establish a positive self-confidence and self-esteem. 3, close to the baby with the baby to leave her mother’s body came to a strange environment will naturally lack a sense of security. However, the secure attachment relationship is the foundation for the future development of the interpersonal relationship. At this time, only when the baby to experience all the positive feelings about love, the heart will feel that they are safe, to be able to communicate with others. So, do not be stingy with your love, to the baby a little closer, so that he and his father’s intimate contact with the full experience of love, so that the baby back to their own sense of security. 4, do not be too cold to the baby before the baby can not speak, he can only use their own way to communicate with mom and dad. Maybe it’s a little voice, an action or a facial expression, a gaze or an escape, but it’s a hint of the baby. When the father found the baby’s cues, do not mean your response, slowly you will find, in fact, as long as you smile, can make the restless baby gradually quiet down, or as long as you hold him, grimace teases the baby, he will cry less, the evening will be more quiet. This is because the baby’s brain is automatically switched off by comforting or feeding. But we should pay attention to is do not satisfy all his requirements, otherwise it will form a spoiled, after the baby will be out of the bad habit of spoiled pet. You only have a positive response to the baby’s cues and let him know that you understand his needs. )相关的主题文章: