Do not be afraid of bad guys, check meter Tesla new product so you do not have to pay electricity bi-imjpmig

Do not be afraid of bad guys "meter" Tesla’s new product so that you do not have to pay the electricity bill of your family’s monthly electricity costs? You may say that I am not bad money, but you know that China’s thermal power is one of the main sources of haze, and you use electricity is also caused by global warming, rising sea levels, the Arctic Circle disappeared, such as a pile of influence. Tesla is ready to give you a "atonement" method. Recently, Tesla in the United States released its own solar roof and the second generation of Powerwall (energy wall), users of these devices can produce their own production of electricity, but also no longer pay the electricity bill. This PowerWall white is a big battery, pasted on the walls of the room, the capacity is 14kWh, the maximum power is 7kW, than for a generation of products has doubled, but the volume is reduced by 40%. It is priced at $5500 and is now ready for acceptance. A battery can meet the basic needs of electricity in the 3 bedroom family, all the sockets can be connected to the home network. If you have more demand, such as the home for disco, you can also install more PowerWall. The solar roof is more interesting, it usually see that blue solar panels are different from ours, Tesla’s roof looks and common roof is, after the installation of the whole house is still beautiful, is not a bit awkward, the so-called "real science and technology is to let people feel the presence of technology". Tesla solar roof adopts special structure design, the outside is a layer of quartz glass, a flexible interlayer in the middle, below is a high efficiency photovoltaic cell. This design allows the roof to adjust the height of the installation in accordance with the sun angle, and it is more durable than ordinary asphalt roof, or even produce heat, melt the accumulation of snow in winter, as usual. Musk said it would be cheaper to install than the normal roof and lower the cost of electricity. Tesla will sell the roof directly, rather than working with builders, the specific price will be different depending on the installation area. There are 4 different solar roof styles are available: glass tiles, glass tiles, slate textured glass tiles, smooth glass tile, users can design the style according to their own needs, the product will be officially sold in the summer of 2017. Take a look at the actual effect: Tesla wants to build a closed-loop system, that is, solar roof + battery wall + electric car, providing energy production, storage and use of integrated solutions. This combination can provide renewable energy for thousands of families, so that people travel home is 0 carbon emissions, green environmental protection of 100%. Tesla released the feeling is not a solar cell, but the future ah. We also want to act, starting from the overall situation, in the name of environmental protection, the first to achieve a small goal: to buy solar roofs can install the villa!相关的主题文章: